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Terrifying My Hero Academia Tomura cosplay will give you nightmares

Published: 23/Nov/2019 23:11

by Brent Koepp


A talented cosplayer has brought My Hero Academia’s Tomura to life with his terrifying take on the leader of the League of Villains. 

My Hero Academia first released in 2014 as a manga in Japan, before exploding in popularity worldwide with its anime adaptation in 2016, and is currently on its fourth season.

The animation takes place in a world where people evolved to have super-powers called quirks, and superheroes are integrated into society where they protect the innocent against those that use their powers for evil.

The series protagonist Izuku Midoriya has an arch nemesis named Tomura who is the terrifying antagonist in the show, and one incredibly skilled cosplayer’s take on the villain is so good it will make your skin crawl.


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Bandai NamcoThe series antagonist Tomoura has a terrifying appearance.

Cosplayer’s terrifying recreation of Tomura

The troubled villain was first introduced half way into Season 1, and has a terrifying presence with his ragged hair, and obscured face which is covered by an oddly-placed hand.

Cosplayer ‘Tawko Royama‘ shared his take on the character on his social media, and blew away fans who were impressed by the intricate detail of the hands that grab onto various parts of his body.

In the story, these hands have important significance to his origin, but they give the villain a disturbing appearance as it almost looks like the character is being smothered which the cosplayer perfectly nails.


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In the earlier seasons, Tomura wears a hoodie over his messy blue hair, and keeps his disfigured face obscured even when he’s not wearing his hands, making this cosplay one of the most faithful recreations of the character we’ve ever seen.

The artist also posted more shots of his costume on his Instagram, which truly shows off the incredible work that went into making it, by accurately recreating each vein and line on all the hands that grasp at him.

He also embodies the antagonist with his pose of holding his wrist, as the character’s quirk turns anything he touches into dust, giving him immense powers that can destroy anything he comes into contact with.

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My Hero Academia’s fourth season is currently being aired simulcast for the first time, meaning English watchers can get the dub at the same time as the Japanese sub release without having to wait months for it.

The current season can be watched on either Funimation or Crunchyroll, and airs every week on Saturday.