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Sword Art Online cosplayer creates breathtaking Asuna Yuuki

Published: 5/Mar/2020 13:24 Updated: 5/Mar/2020 13:28

by Matt Porter


A Sword Art Online fan brought Asuna Yuuki to life with an incredible cosplay that showed the heroine ready for battle.

Sword Art Online has become one of the most popular animes in the world since its debut in 2012, with viewers enthralled by the series’ story which follows a group of players who become trapped inside of an MMORPG played in virtual reality.

The show’s first arc follows Kazuto Kirigaya, who becomes friends and eventually falls in love with another player named Asuna, a fierce warrior who is almost unmatched in terms of swordsmanship, who quickly becomes an integral part of the story as the group attempt to escape from the game.


Asuna in Sword Art Online
A-1 Pictures
Asuna is a feared warrior with incredible skills.

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Cosplayer ‘meru.riri’ is clearly a fan of the character, and enlisted the help of photographer ‘smug_sierra’ to help her capture the character in haw-dropping accuracy, posing with her sword in hand wearing an exact replica of character’s outfit from the anime’s first season, when she battled alongside the Knights of the Blood.

Meru.riri gave Sword Art Online fans a look at her incredible cosplay on Instagram, showing off the incredible detail in the costume. Her long hair comes down in two massive parts that sit either side of her head and torso, and is seen wearing the same white top, along with the red pleated skirt that she wears in the show.


The cosplayer has clearly put some incredible thought into her design, and even her socks look like they have been lifted off the screen and brought into real life, complete with the red accents and high cross logo that the character sports throughout the first season.

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Sword Art Online was originally a light novel before becoming a full-blown manga, eventually appearing on-screen after A-1 Pictures turned it into a series, immediately capturing the attention of anime fans around the world.

The series remains incredibly popular today despite going off the air in 2014, with fans of the show still obsessed with the characters and story arcs that were created in the show.