Stunning Valorant cosplays bring Viper and Jett into the fight - Dexerto

Stunning Valorant cosplays bring Viper and Jett into the fight

Published: 20/Apr/2020 1:58

by Bill Cooney


A pair of cosplayers have knocked it out of the park with their takes on Viper and Jett, agents from the extremely-hyped new FPS Valorant.

Valorant is the hot new game in the world of first-person shooters, and cosplays were already being developed as soon as the game’s colorful cast of characters was revealed.

In a set of photos, Argentine cosplayers Peyton Cosplay and Glory Lamothe showed off their takes on Viper and Jett respectively, and they could be some of the best so far.

Peyton Cosplay/Glory Lamothe
Viper and Jett have never looked better.

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Peyton’s Viper is almost a perfect recreation of the character, with everything from her hair to her trademark green jumpsuit looking just like it does in Valorant.


With her abilities mostly rotating around various corrosive gasses and acids a gasmask is essential for Viper, and it’s a central part of her look in the game.

The unique snake scales on the mask are a feature some of us who have even played the game might have overlooked, but they do a great job of making Peyton look like the real deal herself.

Peyton Cosplay
“No one can hold their breath forever.”

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Lamothe’s Jett is no slouch either though, with the character’s Witcher-worthy white hair perfectly framing her striking light blue eyes.

The clothing is also spot on, and some choice makeup practically turn the cosplayer into a carbon-copy of the slippery Korean agent.


To top it all off, Lamothe even recreated the pose where she’s holding one of her kunai, representing the ultimate ability that everyone who’s not a Jett player has come to absolutely loathe (even though it’s nowhere near as bad as Raze’s).

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Glory Lamothe
“I got your backs. Just, you know, from the front.”

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The pair’s cosplay has proven to be a massive hit already, and even earned to two a shoutout from the official Valorant South American Twitter account.

Based on how well-received these amazing cosplays turned out to be, we’re sure to see more great Valorant content from both Peyton and Lamothe as the game’s fan base keeps growing.