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Stella Chuu stuns LCS audience with LoL Dark Elementalist Lux cosplay

Published: 4/Feb/2020 7:17

by Andrew Amos


To celebrate the return of the LCS, Stella Chuu has stunned audiences live at the Riot Studio with an amazing Dark Elementalist Lux cosplay to help cheer Counter Logic Gaming on.

Pulling off a cosplay is one thing, but trying to keep it true to a team’s colors while maintaining the same feel of the character is another.


However, if there is one person in the cosplaying world that could do it, it’s Stella Chuu. The American cosplayer has done League of Legends cosplays before, but this time she was recruited by CLG to transform the luminous lady into a mascot for their League squad, and it was outstanding.


Showing off the Dark Elementalist Lux outfit on January 26 during the LCS Spring 2020 Opening Weekend, Stella Chuu’s cosplay looked impeccable.

Chuu remade Lux’s staff with the CLG logo at either end, and changed the purple accents of the Elementalist Lux skin to the team’s iconic turquoise blue.


She also recreated Lux’s neckpiece emblazoned with the CLG tag, topping it all off with a blue crown and a purple hair-do.


She looked right in place next to the CLG tent, helping the long-time LCS team attract more fans as 2020 wears on.

She wasn’t the only cosplayer to help them out across the opening weekend, with the team also enlisting the services of Alfred Hightower and Annjela Saet to cosplay Aphelios and Ashe respectively.


Both Hightower and Saet’s cosplays were as on the ball as Chuu’s, pulling off black-and-blue variations of the champion’s base cosmetics and making sure to get CLG’s logo front-and-center.

While the cosplays would have certainly caught fan’s eyes, CLG’s gameplay on the Rift could do with a little bit more help. They currently sit on the bottom of the LCS table without a win to their name after four games, and their schedule isn’t getting any easier.

However, they can find some solace in their attempt of winning the content game. Employing one of the best cosplayers in the business to promote your brand was a great idea for LCS’ opening weekend, and hopefully their blessing can help the team find success soon.