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Prop maker’s incredible My Hero Academia Kirishima cosplay goes viral

Published: 2/Feb/2020 19:13

by Brent Koepp


A talented prop maker used his skills to bring My Hero Academia’s Kirishima to life, transforming into Red Riot’s quirk form with an insanely detailed cosplay.

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series as millions have connected with its story about humans evolving to have superpowers called ‘quirks’. The show revolves around the teenagers that attend U.A. High for training to become the next generation of pro heroes.


A prop maker shared his mind blowing take one one of the students, Eijiro Kirishima. Using his craft, the artist transformed into the character’s quirk state, and is sure to wow fans with how realistic it looks.

The popular hero has the ability to harden his skin.

Prop makers Mind Blowing Kirishima cosplay

Eijiro Kirishima, whose hero name is Red Riot, is a student of Class 1-A which the series centers around. The beloved character’s quirk is being able to harden his skin, and throughout the show he learns to push the boundaries of his abilities.


Prop maker ‘RageGearProps‘ captured this to perfection when he shared his jaw dropping cosplay on January 22 on Twitter. The talented artist is preparing the outfit for the upcoming Katsucon convention which takes place on February 14-16.

Using foam, RageGear shaped the material to recreate the character’s signature red spiky hair. Since his hardened Unbreakable form has jagged lines like rocks, he nails portraying the anime hero’s quirk in action.

The artist also shared a video of his cosplay in motion on social media that went viral. In it, we get a full glimpse of his work as he shows off the depth and detail that went into becoming Red Riot.


Not only does he accurately recreate every line, he also added the parts where his hardened skin splintered and broke off. When he turns and we see his colored eye, it’s almost as if a scene from the anime has literally come to life.

Documenting the process of making the incredibly detailed cosplay, RageGear posted a video on January 15 showing off his head piece. The clip shows us how much work went into recreating the hero, particularly his individual hair spikes.

My Hero Academia originally released as a manga in 2014, and is still currently running in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan. Although it exploded in popularity worldwide with its 2016 anime adaptation by Studio Bones.


The show is current in its fourth season arc, and is half way through airing. For those that want to catch up, you can watch the whole series on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.


Death Note cosplayer flawlessly recreates Misa Amane in viral TikTok

Published: 16/Oct/2020 13:36

by Georgina Smith


Female protagonist from popular anime Death Note, Misa Amane, has been perfectly recreated by a skillful TikTok cosplayer who went viral for her emulation of the darkly adorable character.

Released back in 2006, the anime version of Death Note remains to be a hugely popular show even to this day, with the combination of its psychological thriller based plot and fascinating characters proving to be a smash-hit.


The story follows a battle of intelligence and wit between Light Yagami, a student with a new found power to kill anyone he wishes with just their name, and L, a prodigy turned detective who is determined to pick off a mysterious killer with inconceivable powers.

Misa Amane holds up a pointer finger in a still from Death Note.
Viz Media
Death Note’s Misa Amane has become an iconic character for casual fans and cosplayers alike.

However one character, though occasionally divisive, has scooped up a sizable fan base; Misa Amane. Misa is a wannabe model with an adorable personality and a more than a crush on Light. Despite her cute demeanor, she harbors a dark past and even darker secrets that thrust her right into the center of the narrative.


One talented cosplayer sawyerrd decided to take Misa’s darker look on board, and recreated the popular anime character so well that several of the clips went viral on TikTok.

@sawyerrdOther girls? 💀 (I’m weirdly proud of this one) ##misa ##misaamane ##misacosplay ##misaamanecosplay ##cosplay ##deathnote ##deathnotecosplay ##anime ##weeb♬ original sound – Kywie

The outfit itself is uncannily similar to the original design. Her white blond hair has a soft curl, with two tiny pigtails tied on the top of her head with black bands to emulate that anime hairstyle, whilst giving it a realistic edge.

Her makeup is perfectly applied, and sawyerrd has even stuck what appears to be gems beneath her lower eyelid which makes her eyes shimmer slightly, giving her a look that has elements of the classic bright anime style eyes.


The necklace is super intricate, a lace choker with delicate chains that hang in a criss-cross pattern with cross and heart charms that sum up Misa’s character perfectly. The lace gloves and intricate black bodice complete the look.

@sawyerrdShe’s dead? How unexpected! 😌💖 ##misa ##deathnote ##deathnotecosplay ##misacosplay ##misaamane ##misaamanecosplay ##anime ##ScaryStories ##cosplay ##light♬ original sound – yeet yurt 🐝

Sawyerrd’s lip syncing skills were on point, mouthing along to some iconic Misa scenes, looking even more perfect as a live-action version of the popular character.

Fans clearly loved it too, with the most popular clips garnering over 100 thousand likes a piece, a great result for an even better cosplay.