Pokemon trainer joins Team Aqua with perfect Grunt cosplay

Pokemon cosplayThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon cosplays are all over the internet — especially of some of the gym leaders. However this brilliant Team Aqua grunt cosplay shows there’s some merit to the small fry too. Unlike his game counterparts, this Team Aqua grunt definitely doesn’t look like a push over.

Cosplaying gives people the opportunity to express love for fictional characters, while creating their own unique iteration. Often people express their affection for a beloved character of popularity, sourced from a recently release television show or new hit game.

But in sparkaura’s case, he created his own iteration for one of the most neglected characters from one of the oldest generation of Pokemon: a Team Aqua Grunt.

The cosplay is simple, yet impressive. Grunts are often seen as weak trainers. Their lackluster Pokemon, such as Poochyana and Zigzagoon often served as grind fodder for the player during. But one quick look at the cosplayer, and he’s clearly not weak.

People on social media commended the cosplayer, commenting “I never thought I’d see such a jacked grunt! I love your cosplay, good sir!”

Others recommend more cosplays, clearly enjoying their work: “You can also rock an Archie cosplay.”

Archie is the head of Pokemon’s Team Aqua, thereby far more formidable than a normal Aqua grunt. In addition, Archie’s general physique would fit rather well with Spark’s.

He replied “Archie was my first idea because I love his ORAS design but decided to keep it simple for my first time. Maybe next year!”

For a first go at cosplaying it is a very great showing, so here’s to hoping Spark will continue bringing the Pokemon community more cosplays.