Overwatch cosplayer looks effortlessly cool as D.Va

by Georgina Smith


Cosplayer Mochi Chuu has stunned Overwatch fans on Instagram with a perfectly matched D.Va outfit, in a fantastically dynamic shot.

First-person-shooter Overwatch has achieved enormous popularity thanks to its vibrant aesthetic, and its diverse stock of playable characters who each have a fleshed-out backstory.


The huge range of nationalities, builds, and aesthetics of the heroes has meant an endless supply of cosplay opportunities, and a range of styles to explore and emulate through costume.

D.Va after a battle against Omnics
Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va is a hugely popular character in Overwatch

One such character is D.Va, a Korean professional gamer who carried her razor-sharp computer skills forward to the operation of a state-of-the-art mech to defend her nation alongside her crew members in the MEKA unit.


Cosplayer Mochi Chuu set out to emulate D.Va’s classic colorful bodysuit, in a photoshoot with a high production feel that wowed fans of the game, and particularly those who love D.Va.

The bodysuit designed by miccostumes is perfectly form-fitting, a perfect blend of neon pink, blue and black material that is stitched together to replicate the shape of the original.

The slight vertical paneling on both the upper torso and the waist give it that slightly mechanical feel to match up with her pro mech operation, and shows the level of detail put into the base of the outfit. This detail is matched down to the logos on the white panel on her thigh.


On her head, Mochi Chuu wears D.Va’s usual pink headphones, and of course, has her iconic pink triangle markings painted on her cheeks to tie the whole image in together.

The background and composition is the icing on the cake, photographer Gardani Angelica capturing the perfect lean and shoot pose that paired with the neon pink background gives Mochi Chuu’s recreation an effortless coolness.

This isn't the first time Mochi has recreated the glowing neon look of D.Va, having produced several cosplay images of the character prior to this one.


The incredible cosplay has now garnered over 11,000 likes, and going up fast, with people loving the perfect likeness.