Ominous Overwatch cosplay shows the dark side of Moira and Mercy

by Bill Cooney


Two Overwatch cosplayers have done a fantastic job of bringing Moira and Mercy to life in a chilling scene that will have fans in awe.

Ever since Moira came out all the way back in November of 2017, she’s been a favorite subject of Overwatch cosplayers.

Mercy has always been one of the top choices for the game’s fans to dress up as too, but cosplayers frau_haku and melamori.cosplay took their Moira and Mercy to the next level.

Blizzard Entertainment
Melamori played Atlantic Mercy while frau_haku went as Moon Moira.


Frau posted a series of photos on Instagram showing them as Moon Moira, and melamori as Atlantic Mercy in a ruined building.

Details on both of the costumes are masterfully done, which makes sense since frau_haku has cosplayed as Moira before.


Melamori's Mercy cosplay is no slouch either and looks just like the in-game skin, which unfortunately was only available for a limited time during the 2019 Overwatch League season.

The images almost seem like they could be a storyboard for some kind of Overwatch show or movie, what they're saying is anyone's guess, but the situation doesn't seem to be going in Mercy's favor.

On January 20 frau posted the final image of the series, which capped things off with Moira dispatching Mercy in a way that probably feels worse than getting killed by her orb around a corner.


The set is so good it gives the official Blizzard-commissioned Opera Brigitte cosplay to celebrate the Lunar New Year event a run for its money.

Frau_Haku isn’t just an Overwatch cosplayer – she’s also been known to create outfits from games like The Witcher 3, Resident Evil, and more.