NieR Automata 2B cosplayer crosses into the Mushroom Kingdom with Peach fusion

Brianna Reeves
mads_five princess peach 2b nier cosplay

A cosplayer combined the fantastical worlds of NieR Automata and Mario with their incredible 2B and Princess Peach cosplay costume.

PlatinumGames and publisher Square Enix introduced the world to 2B in 2017 with the launch of NieR Automata, yet the character has already become quite the cultural phenomenon.

2B-inspired cosplay often makes the rounds, for instance. And it seems as though NieR fans will never run out of figurines to collect and fan art to ogle.

But what happens when the colorful influence of Super Mario rubs off on NieR’s dystopian design style? Magic happens, apparently.

Cosplay combines Princess Peach 2B from NieR Automata

mads_five cosplay 2b nier automata and peach
Mads_five’s 2B x Princess Peach cosplay.

Cosplayer Mads_five recently took to Twitter to share photos of their latest work, which sees 2B borrow fashion tips from the Mushroom Kingdom. The outfit in question bridges the gap between 2B and Princess Peach, complete with stylish pink getup.

Mads_five’s Nier Automata cosplay turns 2B’s usually all black uniform hot pink and adds lighter tinted accents. Notably, this Princess Peach-inspired design further invokes the Mushroom Kingdom ruler by replacing 2B’s white hair with Peach’s blonde locks.


In a subsequent Twitter post, Mads_five revealed she sewed the costume herself from a pattern by cosplay designer Stella Chuu. Suffice it to say, the pair created nothing short of a magical look for the 2B/Princess Peach crossover.

The stylish cosplay crossover between the two franchises comes at the perfect time, given the recent announcement of NieR Automata’s Nintendo Switch port.

Switch players can finally get their hands on the acclaimed title on October 6. Its physical release will come in the form of The End of YoRHa Edition, which boasts all previously released NieR Automata DLC.

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