My Hero Academia cosplayer’s perfect Rabbit Miruko recreation goes viral

Brent Koepp
Funimation / Instagram: @cutiepiesensei

To celebrate the anime debut of My Hero Academia’s Rumi Usagiyama, a talented cosplayer had fans going wild with her perfect re-creation of the Rabbit hero Miruko.

Ever since its 2016 debut, My Hero Academia has turned the anime world on its head. The series plot about a high school that trains teenagers with powers called ‘quirks’ has connected with millions.

However, viewers finally got their first full glimpse of the animated version of Miruko during the March 28 episode of season 4. The powerful rabbit-like character was brought to life by a cosplayer’s mind blowing portrayal.

Bones / Funimation
The rabbit-hero made her first full appearance in My Hero Academia season 4.

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Cosplayer brings Rabbit hero Miruko to life

In the series, superpowers have become integrated into society, and pro heroes protect citizens from those that misuse their skills. However in season 4, fans were introduced to Miruko whose quirk allows her to maneuver like a rabbit.

Soon after the character made her first full appearance in the anime, cosplayer Jasmine ‘CutiePieSensei’ shared her insanely detailed costume on social media. She even posted a side-by-side shot with a still from the manga to demonstrate how accurate it is.

“More #Miruko goodness. How did y’all like today’s episode of MHA?” the talented artist tweeted. Her cosplay post quickly went viral with over 6.4k likes at the time of writing.

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As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the cosplay artist also posted a video of her depicting the character. Hilariously, she joked that her rabbit ears were so large that they couldn’t even fit into the camera frame.

CutiePie completely nailed the character’s look, from her sleeveless white and purple leotard, to her fluffy white rabbit ears. She even captured the moon crescent on her chest, and the metal plates that wrap around her waist – showing off just how much detail went into her costume.

MHA fans absolutely went wild for her faithful depiction of the hero. User ‘f0rtc0re65’ said “Great job! Closest thing to a live action Miruko depiction!” Another user ‘Baka2xlr’ agreed and exclaimed “This side by side comparison is spectacular.”

MHA fans couldn’t stop gushing over how accurate CutiePieSensei’s cosplay is.

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My Hero Academia continues to be a smash hit. While initially releasing as a manga in 2014, its anime adaption by Studio Bones made it a household name in the genre.

Fans wait on the edge of their seat as the finale for Season 4 airs on April 4. Those that want to catch up in time can watch the series on Crunchyroll or Funimation.