My Hero Academia cosplayer turns into terrifying Himiko Toga

by Matt Porter


My Hero Academia may focus on the story of Izuku Midoroya and his quest to use his powers to save people, but one of the anime's villains has become one of the most popular characters to cosplay, with one fan showing off a frightening take on Himiko Toga.

Deku is a young man born without a quirk, who dreams of becoming a professional hero like his idol All Might. After gaining the legendary power of One For All from the "Symbol of Peace" himself, Midoriya enrolls at U.A. High School to learn how to control his new abilities under the tutelage of the man who has been his hero ever since he was a child.

While he meets other students with incredible and powerful quirks, Izuku quickly finds himself involved in crazy fights against the League of Villains, and while they may be the bad guys, few characters have captured the imaginations of fans around the world quite like the sinister schoolgirl, Himiko Toga.

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Himiko Toga is a dangerous villain, despite her innocent look.


The antagonist first appeared during the second season of the anime, linking up with the League of Villains to launch an attack on U.A. High, designed to take down All Might once and for all. While she may not look particularly frightening, the young woman has a truly sinister side that matches her Shapeshifting quirk perfectly, an ability that seems to be fairly harmless until you learn how she activates it.

Unlike other powers in the My Hero Academia world, Toga needs something to make her powers work the blood of the person she intends to shapeshift into. Himiko takes great pleasure in procuring the red liquid she needs to go do, often seen carrying around a knife to cut potential targets, and even wears vials around her neck to collect it in so she can save it for later. Despite all this, she remains one of the most popular characters to cosplay, and Instagram user 'snailcos' has shown off her amazing take on the character.


Snailcos is clearly a fan of the show and displayed her attention to detail with her amazing cosplay of the character. Her hair is pulled up into the same messy blonde buns that the character is often seen wearing, and looks ready for battle with her frightening headgear, a large set of teeth that are splattered with the blood of someone who was unfortunate enough to cross paths with her.

Her outfit is perfect too, wearing the same beige cardigan as Himiko, a red handkerchief tied around her neck, and a blue pleated skirt just like the character. The menacing look is completed by holding a knife in her right hand, looking like she's ready to pounce and draw some blood for her next transformation.


Since it's release in 2016, My Hero Academia has become a fan-favorite across the globe, and for the first time ever, was dual broadcasted in both English and Japanese so viewers across the planet could catch all the action at the same time.

While the Japanese version of the season is now complete, the English-dubbed edition fell behind in late March, but new episodes are now releasing again every week as the fourth chapter comes to a close.