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My Hero Academia cosplayer shows off glamorous Camie Utsushimi

Published: 27/Mar/2020 13:18

by Matt Porter


My Hero Academia is one of the most-watched anime in the world, and a fan has decided to cosplay as one of the show’s more popular characters, Shiketsu High School’s Camie Utsushimi.

My Hero Academia follows the tale of Izuku Midoriya as he learns to harness his superpower, known as a quirk, that he inherited from his idol All Might. Hoping to become the number one hero and the new symbol of peace, Deku enrolls at U.A. High School, a prestigious educational establishment that trains the best and brightest prospective pro heroes in hopes of readying them for battle against the evil League of Villains.


During his training, Midoriya takes part in the Provisional License course so he can become eligible to apply his new-found knowledge while training with a pro hero, and while there, he meets rival students from Shiketsu High, including Camie Utsushimi who immediately became a fan favorite with viewers of the show.

Camie with her head bowed in My Hero Academia season three.
Bones Inc
Camie is a student at Shinketsu High.

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Even though Camie didn’t appear in the show during its first two seasons, she immediately became a hit with fans worldwide thanks to her bubbly personality, laid back attitude, and her infectous positivity even when faced with the dangers of battle. It’s no surprise then that the Shiketsu High student is now one of My Hero Academia‘s most cosplayed characters, with ‘natalia_kat_’ becoming the latest to show off their incredible take on the character.


When performing hero duties, Utsushimi is always spotted sporting a skin-tight black suit that covers her arms and legs, something which the cosplayer captured perfectly. Natalia is even wearing the same white cuffs that Camie has around her wrists and the black and silver collar that is always present around her neck.

Natalia’s attention to detail is perfect, even wearing the Shiketsu High hat that all students must have on at all times, with the school’s golden logo on the front, and a red accent across the brim of the cap.

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My Hero Academia is currently in its fourth season, as it follows Midoriya and friends throughout their journeys to becoming pro heroes.


The show is currently being aired each week on both Crunchyroll and Funimation, with the latter being streamed Simulcast for both English and Japanese viewers simultaneously, while fans can also watch the new Heroes Rising movie that released back in February.