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My Hero Academia cosplayer shapeshifts into terrifying Himiko Toga

Published: 17/Mar/2020 15:46

by Matt Porter


My Hero Academia may follow the journey of prospective heroes, but sometimes it’s the villains who capture an audience’s imagination, as another anime fan shows off their incredible Himiko Toga cosplay.

The show follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young man born without superpowers in a world full of humans with unnatural abilities. After a chance encounter with his idol All Might, he is granted the legendary quirk known as One For All, he starts to attend U. A. High School to hone his new-found powers, and train to become the new symbol of peace like the man who gave him the opportunity.


Training to be a hero means you need to take down bad guys, and none are as interesting as Himiko Toga, a villain determined to bring chaos and destruction the world, but who also harbors a very public crush on Midoriya, taking any chance she can to get close to him despite their differences.

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Himiko Toga is a dangerous villain, despite her innocent look.

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Cosplayer shows frightening Himiko Toga look

Linked to the League of Villains, Toga first appears in season two of the anime, plotting to help take down All Might and the students of Class 1-A, leaving them free to carry out their unlawful acts without the worry of being apprehended by the world’s number one hero.


The sinister antagonist is regularly seen dressing up as a schoolgirl, but don’t let her look deceive you, as Himiko is one of the most vicious enemies any hero can face, with an incredible quirk that comes with its own dark twist too. Toga can shapeshift into any human form she desires, but to do so, she needs to drink the blood of her target, something which she takes great pleasure in securing with the use of her trusty knife.

Cosplayer ‘evvils’ is clearly a fan of the character, and has been showing off her incredible take on Toga on Instagram, stunning fans of the anime with its authenticity. Himiko’s blonde hair is pushed into two messy buns either side of her head, but it’s her trusty headgear that really catches the eye, complete with canisters around her neck and on her back, and a menacing set of teeth on the front. Evvils even has a knife similar to Toga’s making it clear that she’s hunting for her next target.


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Even though she’s a villain, plenty of cosplayers choose to dress up as the creepy character, whose personality is hard to dislike despite the fact that she’s often trying to kill the heroes in Class 1-A.

Himiko Toga is still a major part of the show, and can be seen through Season 4, which is currently being dual cast in both Japanse and English.