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My Hero Academia cosplayer shapeshifts into perfect Himiko Toga

Published: 5/Feb/2020 16:01 Updated: 5/Feb/2020 16:37

by Matt Porter


My Hero Academia is an anime full of exciting and likable heroes, but one of the show’s villains has captured the imagination of fans, with cosplayer Sanny showing her appreciation for Himiko Toga with a perfect version of the character.

The anime centers around the story of Izuku Midorya, and his quest to harness the legendary power known as All For One that granted him incredible superpowers. In a world where most have these abilities, known as Quirks, some become Heroes and use them for good, while others turn to a life of crime, much like Himiko Toga.

These villains intend to cause havoc and destruction across Japan, and while most villains hate the sight of a hero coming to apprehend them, Toga is the opposite, openly admitting she has a major crush on Midorya, even though his sole aim in life is to stop their villainous acts and protect civilians from harm just like his hero and mentor All Might.


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Himiko Toga is a dangerous villain, despite her innocent look.

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Cosplayer captures Himiko Toga

The antagonist was first introduced in the second season of My Hero Academia, linking up with the notorious League of Villians as they plotted to attack All Might and U.A. High School, where heroes-in-training study and hone their craft before heading out to the streets as fully-fledged protectors. The sinister schoolgirl’s quirk allows her to shapeshift into anyone, but there’s a terrifying catch to how her power works.

Unlike others, Himiko Toga requires something to make her quirk activate, and that’s the blood of the person she is hoping to transform into. Once she drinks it, she’s able to take their shape for a short time, with the more she consumes meaning the longer she can hold their look before her powers wane and she returns to her normal form.


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When she isn’t devouring the blood of heroes and taking their shape though, Toga dresses like a schoolgirl, wearing a blue sailors shirt under a beige cardigan, completing the look with a red handkerchief tied around her neck. Sanny captures the outfit perfectly, and even managed to incorporate the same messy buns on the side of her had, just like Toga herself, capturing the villain’s look with ease.

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Sanny isn’t the first cosplayer to style themselves after the creepy, yet weirdly likable, villain, as others chose to show her off in her incredible headgear which she uses to store the blood of her enemies, while another incredible look chilled fans of the show, smearing blood over her face fresh after capturing some of the red liquid from an unsuspecting victim.


Himiko Toga remains a major part of the show’s story, which is now in its fourth season and is being simulcast in both English and Japanese for the first time.