My Hero Academia cosplayer goes viral on TikTok with incredible Bakugo transformation

. 1 year ago
Cosplayer Todorkies next to My Hero Academia's Bakugo
Instagram: unrisible / Bones

TikTok users have been stunned by a My Hero Academia cosplayer’s smooth transformation into Katsuki Bakugo, gaining hundreds and thousands of views for their posts featuring the cosplay.

My Hero Academia constantly proves to be an endless source of inspiration for the cosplay community. With a huge range of characters that each have their own interesting personalities and aesthetics, there’s something that appeals to everyone when it comes to recreating outfits from the show.

One of the key aspects of the anime is that each character has their own ‘Quirk,’ a special ability or characteristic that often ties into their appearance or personality, meaning there is a lot to be explored cosplay-wise.

Bakugo from my Hero Academia
Bones / Funimation
The quick-tempered hero, Bakugo, is popular in the 2016 anime.

Cosplayer ‘todorkies’ a.k.a. Bria went viral on TikTok after they made several videos showcasing their amazing version of Katsuki Bakugo, childhood friend and rival of the series protagonist, Izuku Midoriya.

Bria did an insanely good job of putting together the cosplay, perfectly capturing the character in their various videos.

One TikTok that was particularly popular, was a transformation set to “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” by Iamdoechii, a sound that’s currently gaining traction on the platform.

The transition was seamless, and the look was even better. The outfit was on point, with the vibrant colors really standing out, and the spiked headdress looking just like the original. The lighting was also amazing, adding that extra layer to an already stunning cosplay.

Other videos of the character showed how much attention had been paid to the details of the outfit, with a super polished and effective result.

Bria’s TikToks racked up hundreds and thousands of likes, with the most popular one with 300,000 views and 143,000 likes at the time of writing.

Fans of the anime were absolutely obsessed with this amazing look, and some viewers even said that the cosplay made them want to start watching the show. The results were definitely impressive and made for a brilliant recreation of the popular character.

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