My Hero Academia cosplayer creates real-life quirk as Big 3's Suneater

by Virginia Glaze


Talented cosplayer ‘Nocturnal Virus’ has wowed My Hero Academia fans with her creative take on The Big Three’s ‘Suneater,’ bringing his food-based quirk to life with some unexpected props.

While My Hero Academia boasts a slew of unique and memorable characters with equally original quirks, Suneater’s powers take the cake of odd abilities, with his ‘Manifest’ quirk able to transform his body based on the food he eats.

With this trait in mind, Texas-based cosplayer ‘Nocturnal Virus’ whipped up her own version of the UA student, bringing his larger-than-life superpowers to life with the help of some animal props.

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Tamaki Amajii, Hero name 'Suneater,' is one of UA's Big Three, boasting an incredibly powerful quirk that changes his body depending on the food he eats.


As shown in the anime, Suneater regularly eats takoyaki (octopus balls) to gain immensely powerful tentacles, which come in handy during battles with a large number of villains.

While Suneater has also been seen wielding a clam for hands, this cosplayer opted for a lobster claw, which she brought out in some stunning photos of her cosplay for the hero - even attaching tentacles to her fingers to bring the character’s power to life.

That’s not all: Nocturnal Virus also collaborated with other fans to create hilarious TikToks in-character, perfectly capturing Suneater’s shy personality.


While she’s just now debuting the hero, her costume isn’t brand-new; in fact, Nocturnal Virus started making her cosplay for the UA student some time ago, and was finally able to complete the finished product thanks to the help of friend and fellow cosplayer “roxtus.cos.”

“I started making SUNEATER FOREVER ago when I was reading the Manga and fell in love with him cuz, we’ll duh,” she wrote. “Anyway, I never had a colored version of him so I had a black vest piece and dark grey/black hair, and just none of the right colors.”

(Nocturnal Virus has also cosplayed a number of other Heroes, including Uraraka Ochoco, as seen below.)


Thanks to Nocturnal Virus’s creativity with props and Roxtus.Cos’s costuming abilities, one of My Hero Academia’s most powerful students was brought to life in a charming and hilarious way in spite of his challenging quirk.

My Hero Academia season four wrapped up in April, and season five has since been confirmed by Funimation — but no release date for the anime has yet to be revealed at the time of writing.