My Hero Academia cosplayer gives All Might a female twist


An incredibly talented cosplayer has taken the number one hero All Might from the popular anime series My Hero Academia, and given him a twist that will have you seeing the beacon of peace in a whole new light.

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The latest episodes of My Hero Academia are almost here, as the wildly popular anime makes its heroic return on October 12 with the debut of Season 4.

But while fans are on the edge of their seat anticipating its return, a talented cosplayer has given us a new twist on the beloved hero All Might.

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All Might with a twist

In the anime, humans start to inherent super powers called ‘quirks’ and one hero stands above the rest – All Might. He is so beloved that he is a symbol for justice and peace.

One cosplayer named Krissy ‘SparkleStache’ gave him a female twist with striking blue eyes and signature bangs. Using a hoodie to replicate his red, blue, and yellow color hero outfit, this cosplay captures the hero’s spirit with a modern spin as well.

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This isn’t the first time she’s cosplayed as All Might either, as she had previously gone as the popular hero at Anime Con. This version of her outfit sticks closer to his suit’s design in the show.

The talented cosplayer also managed to capture the essence of All Might in motion, as her cape flows behind her after striking the ground with force. Her yellow knee high boots and spiked arm pieces faithfully recreate his costume.

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SparkleStache has also cosplayed as the lead protagonist Izuku Midoriya. In the show, he’s initially born quirkless, but has his dreams of becoming a hero fulfilled when All Might gives him his power and mentors him.

In her incredible gender twisted cosplay, the cosplayer creatively used green lights on the bottom of her shoes, which looks like the character when he’s charged with his power All for One. She recreates his wild green hair, and also gets all the outfit details down, including his tactical mouth guard.

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My Hero Academia returns with new episodes on October 12, and will be simulcast for the first time on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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