Chilling Misa Amane cosplay will leave Death Note fans writing names

by Kamil Malinowski


Cosplayer ‘Bloodraven’ has stunned fans with an amazing take on Death Note’s protagonist Misa Amane. 

Death Note is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world, and even Netflix have made their take on it through a live-action movie in 2017.

With the series being so popular, it’s no surprise that it is also prevalent in the world of cosplay. Many fans have taken on the role of Death Note’s various characters, with Misa Amane being one of the most prominent choices.

Misa amane death note cosplay
Misa Amane is the female protagonist of Death Note.


Cosplayer Bloodraven has unveiled her version of the female protagonist, stunning fans with her flawless outfit.

It’s difficult to find anything wrong with the cosplay, too. It radiates ‘Misa Amane’ from head to toe, with the overall clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories being extremely on point. Everything from her iconic black leather skirt and top, to her classic twintails hairstyle, is exactly the same as the character's.

Even the subtle details of the choker and silver necklace, combined with the elbow-length lace gloves is practically mirrored. If someone claimed that this was from an official movie or TV show, most people probably wouldn’t even think twice.


Due to the popularity of Death Note, there have been countless Misa cosplays, but this one definitely takes the cake as one of, if not the, best.

Fans of the series, and cosplay in general, will undoubtedly be looking forward towards Bloodraven’s next cosplay, which, if this one is anything to go by, will blow their minds.