Life is Strange cosplayers rewind time as true-to-life Chloe and Max

DONTNOD Entertainment

Two cosplayers brought DONTNOD Entertainment’s Life Is Strange to reality with their insanely accurate costumes. The duo’s photos are so mind blowing, it’s as if Chloe and Max have jumped from out of the screen.

Life Is Strange made its explosive debut in 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The episodic interactive story connected with millions, as players fell in love with its story about time travel.

A cosplayer duo transformed into the game’s lead protagonists Chloe Price and Max Caulfield. Using special effects, the artists brought scenes from the title to life – and it’s one of the best game-to-life cosplays you will ever see.

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The 2015 narrative-driven game has a huge following.

Cosplayers re-create Life Is Strange

The game centers on Max who reconnects with her best friend Chloe after returning to her hometown of Arcadia Bay. The protagonist soon discovers she has the ability to rewind time, and embarks on an emotional journey to save her friend.

Artist ‘Lorien Kappa‘ posted her Life Is Strange costume and quickly went viral. The talented cosplayer pulled off the mind blowing re-creation with fellow cosplayer ‘Yarpenna.’

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What could easily be mistaken for a scene out of the game, photographer ‘stygivi‘ captured the duo posing in a dining booth. Yarpenna absolutely nails Chloe’s punk attitude and attire, as she slouches into her seat.

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In another photo, the two lay across a set of train tracks – mirroring a touching moment from the episodic game. Lorien faithfully re-creates Max’s gray hoodie and pink shirt, as she lays next to her friend.

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As if their depictions of the characters weren’t impressive enough, in another shot the two capture a pivotal sequence from the title. Using special effects, Lorien transforms into Max and rewinds time to stop the train hurdling towards them.

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The interactive narrative has amassed a dedicated following, as players fell in love with Max and Chloe’s emotional story. The game was so popular, it even got a prequel titled Before the Storm – which is just as much of a tearjerker as the main story.

In 2018, fans got to dive back into DONTNOD’s magical universe with the release of Life Is Strange: 2. While set in the same world, the game had a new cast of characters that fans found just as compelling as the original.

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