Incredibly accurate My Hero Academia cosplay brings Uraraka to life


A talented cosplayer posted her take on the zero gravity hero from the popular anime series My Hero Academia, and it’s mind-blowingly accurate.

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My Hero Academia returns for its fourth season on October 12, as fans eagerly anticipate the comeback of the wildly popular hero-based anime after waiting over a year.

But while the new episodes are not quite here yet, an insanely talented cosplayer named ‘Ghostiee Muffinn Cosplay’ posted photos of her Uraraka costume from Otakon2019, and it brings the character to life with its insane accuracy.

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A hero brought to life

In the anime series, humans have evolved to have superpowers called ‘quirks’ and the world has adapted to it by integrating superheroes into every facet of society. Uraraka is a student at a school that trains the next generation, and her specialty is having zero gravity.

Cosplayer Ghostiee Muffinn has meticulously re-created the hero costume that the character in the show had to design in school, which includes her iconic circular wrist guards, her knee-high boots, and her belt that brings the costume together. Even more impressive is how accurate the texture of the material looks.

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Not only does the cosplayer nail the physical costume, but she does a fantastic job embodying the spirit of the character as well, as she re-creates the character’s iconic stance and facial expressions.

Ghostiee Muffinn took things to the next level when she teamed up with Griffin Studios previously to take a photograph while using a bubble wand to make it look like the cosplayer is wearing the character’s helmet from the show.

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The talented cosplayer has been uploading her creations to Instagram since 2015, and has shown a lot of growth from when she first started as the social media account documents her journey over the years.

She’s gone to many conventions as popular game characters as well, such as Overwatch’s Mercy in her iconic Halloween Witch skin, and Ciri from the role-playing game The Witcher 3.

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My Hero Academia returns for its fourth season on October 12, and will be aired as a simulcast on streaming services Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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