Incredible Modern Warfare cosplay spawns Nikto into real life

Andy Williams
Incredible Nikto cosplay aims to spawn Modern Warfare’s Operator to lifeActivision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Spetsnaz Operator Nikto has been spawned into real life with this incredible cosplay.

With Ghost being all the rage in Modern Warfare throughout Season 2, Nikto’s release during the first season has seemingly flown under the radar.

Representing the Allegiance faction, Nikto flies the Spetsnaz banner in-game along with Bale, Minotaur and Rodion. Although what makes the Operator stand-out from the crowd is his face — or lack thereof.

Modern Warfare's Season One Allegiance Operator Nikto.Activision
Nikto’s face was disfigured after being captured and tortured by Imran Zakhaev, so he wears a mask to cover his scars.

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With his identity concealed, the elusive character sports a full Russian g-suit and is available via the in-game store.

After producing a spot-on cosplay of Modern Warfare’s Ghost (complete with authentic army scrubs to the trademark skull-patterned mask), Inzzen has plucked Nikto straight out of Infinity Ward’s blockbuster title and brought him to life.

“The Nikto loadout was a hard challenge to make,” Inzzen told Dexerto. “From the mask to the final product, it took me nine hours to build it!”

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Call of Duty fans with eagle-eyes will pick-up on the attention to detail, including the text on the plate carrier and the khaki green jacket which sits underneath the heavy armor.

Inzzen explained that obtaining the g-suit was the most difficult part of the build. “The hardest part of the outfit was to find the Russian g-suit that the pilots wore! But thanks to grey-shop they made it possible, by finding the g-suit and sending it to me!”

Inzzen's Nikto cosplay from Modern Warfare.Inzzen / Dexerto
Inzzen provided Dexerto with some exclusive images of their Nikto photoshoot.

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In terms of Inzzen’s next project, he’ll be looking to recreate Season 2’s antagonist, Mace — which will look iconic next to his Ghost cosplay. “My next project is Mace — so stay tuned for that!”

Inzzen’s cosplay talents don’t just stop there, as his Instagram is littered with a variety of military-themed cosplays. Check out the rest of their Instagram, to see just how Inzzen’s cosplays speak for themselves.