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Incredible Modern Warfare cosplay respawns Ghost from the shadows

Published: 8/Mar/2020 13:07

by Andy Williams


Call of Duty’s Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley is as real as ever thanks to Inzzen_custom’s incredible cosplay of the Modern Warfare Operator.

Call of Duty has played host to some iconic figures throughout the years. From villains we love to hate (shoutout to General Shepherd) to flagship protagonists such as Soap MacTavish and the Mason brothers, Activision sure knows how to script a character.

But perhaps none can top Ghost — an absolute juggernaut of the Modern Warfare series whose appearance in the franchise has spanned over a decade long.

Ghost's teasers in Modern Warfare.
Ghost’s return to Modern Warfare was teased through a number of easter eggs.

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A member of Task Force 141 and the Shadow Company, Ghost’s mysterious background and concealed identity gave fans a fresh take on the series’ chief character.


Ghost’s most recent return to the franchise came during Modern Warfare’s second season, as the character returned as a playable Operator in-game.

With Activision drafting the popular character back into the mix, popular cosplayer Inzzen_custom was inspired to pay homage with an incredible cosplay.

Modern Warfare's Ghost Operator cosplay.
Inzzen_custom (Instagram)
Ghost in real life? The Operator looks like they were brought back into the game with this cosplay.

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Inzzen’s efforts pay close attention to detail, as their Ghost rendition is kitted out with all the right attire. From the authentic army scrubs to the trademark skull-patterned mask, Inzzen’s take on British special forces officer looks just like Modern Warfare’s Operator.

The Ghost outfit comes complete with all the gear, too, as Inzzen equips both an SMG or AR to their real-life Operator, to add an extra layer of authenticity.


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Inzzen’s talents don’t stop there, however, as the cosplayer also recreated Krueger’s popular execution from Infinity Ward’s title. 

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Inzzen’s host of cosplays will literally leave you wondering whether you’re immersed in the game.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the rest of Inzzen’s incredible Instagram — which is filled to the brim with cosplays from various FPS titles.