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Incredible Attack on Titan cosplayer brings Mikasa Ackerman to life

Published: 20/Mar/2020 11:37

by Matt Porter


An Attack on Titan cosplayer has shown off her incredible take on one of the anime’s most popular characters, the incredibly skilled soldier Mikasa Ackerman.

Attack on Titan follows the story of Eren Yeager, a young man who lives inside the walls after massive Titans, gigantic humanoid creatures who eat humans and destroy everyone and everything in their path, decimated the human race and set them into hiding, struggling to survive against the threat of these beats pushing them to extinction.

Brought together at a young age with Eren saved her from kidnappers, Mikasa is dedicated to protecting him, following him into the army and joining the dangerous Scout regiment alongside him, vowing to ensure no harm comes his way. While her aim may be to keep Eren safe, she’s one of the most talented and skilled combatants in the world, and regularly takes down Titans with her incredible skills, leaving her fellow soldiers in awe.


Ackerman is a fierce and talented soldier in the Scout regiment.

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As one of the main characters in the series, it’s no surprise that she quickly became a fan-favorite, even though she can often be seen as cold or intimidating by her peers. Her love for Eren means she will go to any length to protect him, and her Titan-slaying skills make her an incredibly fun character to watch in the heat of battle.

It’s no surprise then that many choose to cosplay as Mikasa, and ‘chicagoprincessshay’ has become the latest to show off their incredible take on the character, bringing Ackerman to life in stunning detail.


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Shay has captured the character perfectly, with her hair parted into three separate strands, with a fringe hanging down over her forehead and down towards her nose. She can be seen wearing an exact replica of Mikasa’s Scout regiment uniform, complete with the trademark brown jacket that features their iconic crest, a set of blue and white wings commonly referred to as “The Wings of Freedom,” named in the hopes that they’ll be able to take back control of the land from the Titans.

She even has Ackerman’s dual swords, used to slice through the nape of Titan’s necks to bring them down, while also wearing the same leg braces as the character, and the red scarf that is always wrapped around her neck.


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Attack on Titan has become one of the most popular animes in the world, capturing the imagination of audiences across the globe who can’t get enough of the heroes fight against Titans.

Three seasons of the show have already released, with the fourth and final installment of the legendary anime set to release in Fall 2020.