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Ely Cosplay’s true-to-life Violet Evergarden take captures fans’ hearts

Published: 8/Mar/2020 17:23 Updated: 8/Mar/2020 18:10

by Brent Koepp


Fans of the groundbreaking Violet Evergarden anime were thrilled when popular artist Ely Cosplay transformed into the series’ protagonist. Her stunning portrayal of the character will leave you in awe.

Violet Evergarden made its anime debut in 2018, and came from the minds of legendary studio Kyoto Animation. The gripping story about auto-memory dolls was adapted from an award-winning novel.

The series’ protagonist was brought to life with artist Ely Cosplay’s jaw dropping costume. Her faithful depiction of the heroine wowed fans and had them seeing double.

Kyoto Animation
The 2018 anime was a breakout hit and critically acclaimed.

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Violet Evergarden brought to life

The show takes place after the end of a great war that lasted four years. The show’s protagonist named Violet Evergarden is a child soldier who is trying to reintegrate back into society and discover the meaning of love.


Popular cosplayer Ely dressed up as the VE character, and faithfully recreated her hairstyle which consists of blonde bangs, and parted strands that run down the sides of her face.

The skilled artist looks just like the protagonist, capturing her signature blue eyes as she poses with her metal hands. In the story, Violet loses her arms in the war and gets prosthetic arms.

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Ely posted more photos of her costume onto Instagram, and wowed viewers with the insane detail of her outfit. From her iconic green brooch to her prussian blue jacket, she absolutely nailed the look.


Fans of the series were blown away by how much she looked like the protagonist. User ‘_hitheresmiley’ exclaimed “Your cosplay of her is perfect!” Another user ‘ferol_bip’ agreed and said “my god, Violet perfection!”

Violet Evergarden fans were enchanted by the cosplayer’s accurate portrayal of the show’s protagonist.

The cosplay artist went viral in December 2019 when she posted a close-up selfie as Violet while attending Comiket 97. At the time of writing, the post has received over 30k likes.

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Violet Evergarden was originally released as a light novel in 2015, and was written by Kana Akatsuki. The story won the top prize at the Kyoto Animation Awards.

The anime adaptation also won awards from critics, and was even named the top series of 2018 by Crunchyroll. If you are interested in watching, you can currently stream it on Netflix.