Danganronpa cosplayer wows as perfect traditional dancer Hiyoko Saionji

. 2 years ago
Danganronpa's Hiyoko next to cosplayer goatchii.cos
Spike Chunsoft / Instagram: goatchii.cos

A cosplayer made waves on Instagram after bringing Danganronpa’s Ultimate Traditional Dancer, Hiyoko Saionji to life. The artist has done an incredible job of both capturing the character’s look, and playing with some cool editing effects.

Danganronpa is a visual novel franchise that has scooped up a huge following, particularly in the cosplay community. Its cast of characters are vibrant and multi-faceted, and above all else have some fantastic costumes – which make it the perfect universe to get stuck into for a cosplayer.

In the story, the students are stuck inside a hellish school in which their only means of escape is by murdering one of their classmates and getting away with it. The Visual Novel is full of twists and turns that leave players desperate to find out what happens next.

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc logo with character
Spike Chunsoft
Trigger Happy Havoc was the first game in the franchise.

The character of Hiyoko Saionji has the title of the Ultimate Traditional Dancer and is a student of Hope’s Peak Academy’s class 77-B, featuring in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair along with the third game, The End of Hope’s Peak High School.

Cosplayer goatchii.cos has done an amazing job of recreating Hiyoko’s vibrant look, using their costume and makeup skills to produce a captivating final result.

Goatchii.cos models the character’s gorgeous orange kimono, which features white trimming down the neck and floral patterns that look just like the original. The traditional attire is also topped with a green obi sash, adding to its dynamic color scheme.

The wig by CosCraft is adorned with a variety of adorable looking clips, along with two green bows that are tucked into the artists golden blonde curly locks.

The makeup is definitely a highlight of the cosplayer’s look, with deeply saturated pinks and reds on their nose and cheeks giving a perfect youthful appearance. The chunky glitter on their cheekbones also ties in to the overall vibrancy of the photo.

Overall, this cosplayer did a superb job of recreating the fascinating character of Hiyoko, capturing all of the key elements in a stunningly fine tuned way.

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