Danganronpa cosplayer creates perfect outfit of gamer Chiaki Nanami

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Chiaki from Daganronpa next to cosplayer juniper_stars
Spike Chunsoft / Instagram: juniper_stars

Danganronpa character Chiaki Nanami has been perfectly recreated by a talented cosplayer on Instagram and TikTok, breathing life into the Ultimate Gamer with a series of brilliant images.

The first installment of the visual novel game Danganronpa, Trigger Happy Havoc, was released in 2010, and since then there have been several more games added to the franchise, along with an anime series adaptation.

The game has a huge following, particularly in the cosplay community, as the character design is so unique and bold that it offers a lot of scope for recreating the costumes in interesting ways.

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc cover
Spike Chunsoft
The first game of the series was Trigger happy Havoc.

Each game has a similar premise: the characters must escape the hellish school in which they are trapped, Hope’s Peak Academy, by killing another classmate and getting away with it. The gruesome plot is overseen by a sadistic robot bear, Monokuma, who is even referenced in some of the characters’ outfits.

Chiaki Nanami is labeled as the ‘Ultimate Gamer’ in the series, and as her name suggests, she is obsessed with games. This is a trait that cosplayer juniper_stars made sure to highlight in their stunning recreation of the character, looking every bit the part of the gamer.


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Their white blonde hair falls in a bob that just brushes their shoulders, with the ends flicked out to the side in a cute style that exactly replicates Chiaki’s locks.

The forest green blazer with contrasting pink trims matches the green trim along with the buttons of their blouse, along with the delicate pink ribbon hanging from their neck. In their TikToks, we can see that the hood even matches Chiaki’s original costume.

Juniper_stars’ makeup has been expertly applied, a flawless base topped with a pink blush and bright lips that pull the whole look together.

The lighting in the images and videos is also stunning, with the rainbow fragments adding an extra dimension to the look, tying in with the saturated colors on both the face and throughout the outfit.

This recreation of Chiaki was excellently done, and the cosplayer’s hard work clearly paid off in this real-life version of the character.

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