Danganronpa cosplayer creates perfect outfit of gamer Chiaki Nanami

Published: 21/Feb/2021 18:13 Updated: 21/Feb/2021 18:31

by Georgina Smith


Danganronpa character Chiaki Nanami has been perfectly recreated by a talented cosplayer on Instagram and TikTok, breathing life into the Ultimate Gamer with a series of brilliant images.

The first installment of the visual novel game Danganronpa, Trigger Happy Havoc, was released in 2010, and since then there have been several more games added to the franchise, along with an anime series adaptation.

The game has a huge following, particularly in the cosplay community, as the character design is so unique and bold that it offers a lot of scope for recreating the costumes in interesting ways.

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc cover
Spike Chunsoft
The first game of the series was Trigger happy Havoc.

Each game has a similar premise: the characters must escape the hellish school in which they are trapped, Hope’s Peak Academy, by killing another classmate and getting away with it. The gruesome plot is overseen by a sadistic robot bear, Monokuma, who is even referenced in some of the characters’ outfits.

Chiaki Nanami is labeled as the ‘Ultimate Gamer’ in the series, and as her name suggests, she is obsessed with games. This is a trait that cosplayer juniper_stars made sure to highlight in their stunning recreation of the character, looking every bit the part of the gamer.


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A post shared by Juniper (@juniper_stars)

Their white blonde hair falls in a bob that just brushes their shoulders, with the ends flicked out to the side in a cute style that exactly replicates Chiaki’s locks.

The forest green blazer with contrasting pink trims matches the green trim along with the buttons of their blouse, along with the delicate pink ribbon hanging from their neck. In their TikToks, we can see that the hood even matches Chiaki’s original costume.


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♬ yOu cHiaKiD iN tHe wRoNg nEiGhBoUrHoOd – crybaby!

Juniper_stars’ makeup has been expertly applied, a flawless base topped with a pink blush and bright lips that pull the whole look together.

The lighting in the images and videos is also stunning, with the rainbow fragments adding an extra dimension to the look, tying in with the saturated colors on both the face and throughout the outfit.

This recreation of Chiaki was excellently done, and the cosplayer’s hard work clearly paid off in this real-life version of the character.


My Hero Academia cosplayer becomes Hearing Hero Kyoka Jiro

Published: 20/Feb/2021 15:56 Updated: 20/Feb/2021 18:22

by Georgina Smith


A skilled Instagram cosplayer has perfectly recreated Kyoka Jiro, a.k.a. Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack from the anime My Hero Academia, embracing the music theme with some extra props.

My Hero Academia was first brought to screens back in 2016, and in the almost five years following, the support the show’s seen has been remarkable.

The popular anime has garnered a huge fan base, with people loving the shows’ range of characters that each have their own individual Quirks. Quirks are the unique abilities each character has, and can often act as a basis for their aesthetic and personality.

My Hero Academia's Jiro singing
Jiro is also known as the Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack.

This has naturally provided plenty of inspiration for the cosplay community, who constantly impress fans of the show with the amount of accuracy and personality in their recreations of popular characters.

Kaya Rogoyski was one cosplayer who did an incredible My Hero Academia look, recreating Kyoka Jiro. Jiro’s quirk is Earphone Jack, and as the name suggests, she has two headphone jacks that hang from her earlobes that she can control and use as weapons.

Kaya’s hair emulates Jiro’s vibrant purple locks, hanging in a bob with longer sections at the front to frame the face, next to which you can see the iconic headphone jacks. She also has the small red triangles painted under her eyes, which are an interesting contrast with the bold purple contacts from TTDEYE.


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A post shared by Kaya Rogoyski (@kayarogoyski)

The salmon-pink top and leather jacket perfectly coordinate with each other, and combined with the fingerless white gloves have this cosplayer looking exactly like her anime counterpart.

Kaya even noted in the description of the post that she had borrowed an electric guitar from her husband, and it definitely was the perfect way to complete the look, the stunning guitar looking great alongside the makeup and outfit.


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A post shared by Kaya Rogoyski (@kayarogoyski)

Commenters were absolutely loving this cosplayer’s take on Jiro, saying, “you look incredible, I love the guitar and the edit!” and, “Jiro is the real best girl, she’s so under-appreciated. You captured her perfectly in this cosplay!”

The stunning cosplay turned out really well, and was definitely appreciated among fans of the show.