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Danganronpa cosplayer shows off ultimate Miu Iruma look

Published: 19/Mar/2020 12:52

by Matt Porter


A talented Danganronpa fan has invented a perfect cosplay of Mui Iruma, bringing the character to life with her incredible outfit.

The Danganronpa franchise first appeared with the launch of Trigger Happy Havoc, a visual novel that released back in 2012. The series immediately became a fan-favorite, capturing the imaginations of players around the world with its terrifying gameplay, and dark storyline that sees tops students from Hope’s Peak Academy tasked with killing one of the classmates without getting caught by their peers.

The character’s found in each game immediately become recognizable to Danganronpa’s cult following, and cosplayer ‘tordcos’ has become the latest fan to show their appreciation to one of the main characters from V3: Killing Harmony with their incredible Miu Iruma, a student from the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles.


Miu Iruma from Danganronpa V3
Spike Chunsoft
“The Ultimate Inventor” has used her abilties for good and evil.

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Known as the Ultimate Inventor, Irumu has a supreme talent for creating things, such as eye-drops that work like contact lenses, and a way to allow people to eat while fast asleep. Of course, her wizardry with technology ultimately sees her use her powers for nefarious reasons too, using Elect Hammers and Bombs to wipe out classmates during Killing Harmony.

While the character isn’t popular with her classmates, tordcos is clearly a fan of her, creating a cosplay in honor of the Ultimate Inventor that looks as close to perfect as you can get. Irumu’s instantly recognizable welding goggles sit on top of her pink hair, complete with the same gold detailing, while a black choker is wrapped around her neck just like the character.


Tordcos even wears the same blue bow around her neck, and clearly made sure to capture all details, with the logo of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles present on the arm of her pink dress.

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Tordcos is clearly a fan of Miu Iruma and said she was glad to finally cosplay the character.

For fans of the franchise, the wait for a new Danganronpa has been a long one, with Killing Harmony releasing in 2017. There is currently no word on the next installment of the legendary franchise, with the series “on break” for the time being.