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Cowboy Bebop cosplayer pulls off jaw-dropping Faye Valentine look

Published: 27/Feb/2020 12:00

by Matt Porter


Few animes have captured the attention of viewers worldwide quite like Cowboy Bebop, and one fan has shown their love for Faye Valentine with an epic cosplay of the character.

While Cowboy Bebop may have released all the way back in 1998, it remains one of the most iconic shows ever and continues to pull in viewers, acting as a gateway into the world of anime for many. It’s no surprise that fans become attached to the characters featured in the show, and can often be seen in cosplay form at conventions around the world.

The show follows the crew of a spaceship called Bebop, as a ragtag group of bounty hunters made up of main characters Jet Black, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward, and Ein work to capture villians and criminals in exchange for cash. For many, Valentine quickly became their favorite character, and cosplayer Ithileryn has become the latest to demonstrate their appreciation for the character with an incredibly accurate cosplay.


Valentine quickly became a fan favorite among Cowboy Bebop viewers.

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While Spike and Jet were the original members of the Bebop crew, Valentine and the rest of the gang joined the outcasts as the show progressed, with Faye Valentine taking residence on the ship despite their best efforts to get her to leave, and helping them complete missions as long as she feels like it at the time.

Known as the laziest member of the crew, Valentine would often prefer to take care of her appearance and smoke cigars than chase down bounties, but while they may not sound like the traits of a fan-favorite character, her story draws everyone who watches in. Frozen in suspended animation for 50 years, Valentine overcomes the feeling of loss and abandonment she feels, embracing her new family onboard the Bebop.


Cosplayer Ithileryn captured the bounty hunter perfectly, showing off her flawless take of the character, complete with the same yellow shorts and top that have become an iconic part of Valentine’s wardrobe. Faye’s purple hair falls perfectly to her shoulders, complete with a yellow hairband, and the same black braces and thigh-high socks that complete the look and show her attention to detail.


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The cosplayer even has the same red jacket that fans of the show often see Valentine wearing, rounding out her brilliant version of the character.


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Fans are able to watch Valentine grow and mature over the course of the show, eventually becoming comfortable with her new friends in an arc that had everyone on the edge of their seats, hoping for a happy ending after spending 54 years frozen and alone in space.


Cowboy Bebop surprisingly only ran for 26 episodes, but is an anime that captured the hearts of those who watched it, and is still considered to be a masterpiece amongst fans of the genre.