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Cosplayers become Spirited Away’s No-Face in eerie Studio Ghibli costume

Published: 7/Dec/2019 19:47

by Brent Koepp


A skilled cosplay duo made jaws drop when they shared their scary take on Spirited Away’s No-Face, bringing the iconic Studio Ghibli character to life. 

Spirited Away was a landmark film for Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki, as his eighth feature length film picked up an Oscar in 2003, and is still the highest-grossing film of all time in Japan.

The critically renowned animation centered around a girl named Chihiro who is moving to a new town. However, after being whisked away to the world of the spirits, she has to find a way back home.

Two talented cosplayers paid homage to one of the film’s iconic spirits named No-Face with their stunning costume, which was so accurate it made the mischievous character seem real.

Studio Ghibli The 2001 anime feature is the highest-grossing film of all time in Japan.

Spirited Away’s No-Face cosplay

After the main protagonist Chihiro is forced to work at a bathhouse in the spirit world, her kindness gets the best of her when she befriends the wandering No-Face and lets him into the building.

As the film goes on, we learn that the character has a hunger for things, and starts to eat everything in sight with his massive mouth – which cosplayer duo Bloodstone Cosplay perfectly captured.

The incredible costume recreates the towering faceless spirit with his white blank mask, his flowing black body, and the insanely creepy mouth that appears in his stomach when he eats.

The two cosplayer partners also took a photo together where one of them dressed up as Chihiro and wore her pink and white work uniform that she has to wear when taking a job at the bathhouse.

Over on their Instagram, they shared more photos of the elaborate No-Face costume, and wowed fans when demonstrating that the mouth on the outfit can actually close shut.

While the two don’t have a massive following, it seems the account is being used to store the memories they have together. But this amazing costume has Ghibli fans wanting more.

Originally released in 2001, the groundbreaking anime film celebrated its 18th anniversary this year, and even had a re-release in theaters this past October.

The film’s coming-of-age story that teaches kids about learning to be brave in the face of change has continued be influential, and has inspired many fans around the world.


Best anime cosplays of January 2021: My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer & more

Published: 21/Jan/2021 18:00 Updated: 21/Jan/2021 18:18

by Georgina Smith


This past month has seen a host of cosplayers recreate their favorite characters from iconic animes such as My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Death Note, and more – but here are our top five.

With the huge array of vibrant and iconic characters that have come from the anime universe, it’s no wonder that so many cosplayers have had a go at recreating them, channeling inspiration from some topical shows, along with old favorites.

In the weird and wonderful world of anime, anything is possible, and that means that cosplayers have to get creative when emulating the intricate costumes originally portrayed in the classic anime art style.

But it’s safe to say that cosplayers have been doing a fantastic job of replicating these characters, pulling them off the screen into real-life, and we’ve selected some of our favorites from the past month.

Darling in the Franxx: Zero Two – pinya_reich

Darling in the Franxx didn’t debut too long ago in 2018, but it didn’t take long to win over a huge number of fans with its post-apocalyptic plot. Cosplayer pinya_reich did a fantastic job of becoming Zero Two with her vibrant red attire.


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The long pink hair looks stunning against the block red, along with the accents of the same color in her horns. She stands in a powerful pose, showing off every detail of the outfit, and proving to be a great fit for the popular character.

My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriya – Lorenz iWood

Izuku Midoriya a.k.a. Deku is one of the central characters of the hugely popular anime My Hero Academia and is easily recognizable with his bright green spiky locks. Lorenz iWood put his spin on the character by holding a can of Twisted Tea in reference to the viral meme.


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A post shared by Lorentz iWood (@lorentz_iwood)

The outfit was spot on from head to toe, including every fine detail right down to the sparse freckles which made for a very convincing cosplay.

Demon Slayer: Nezuko Kamado – jazmine_leija

As one of the main protagonists in Demon Slayer, fans absolutely love Nezuko, and cosplayers love her all the more for her beautiful outfit.

jazmine_leija was one such cosplayer who took on the challenge of recreating the character, mastering every fine detail.

The pink contacts give off a fantastic glow, tying into the pink of her kimono, wrapped in a dark brown robe. Among the series of details, she of course did not forget the trademark bamboo mouthpiece.

Danganronpa: Kaede Akamatsu – weeiiird.cos

Visual novel and anime Danganronpa are known for their vibrant, yet often twisted, cast of characters. Kaede Akamatsu boasts the title of Ultimate Pianist, and cosplayer weeiiird.cos wove elements of this musicality in small details throughout the outfit.

They mimic the pastel-colored school uniform look perfectly, but the look really shined in the makeup skills. The saturated pink eyeshadows ties in with their sweater vest, and is accented by small hearts and music notes on the cheeks, a stunning addition to an already excellent cosplay.

Kill la Kill: Mako – ottiemottie

Mako acts as an adorable best friend to Kill la Kill’s protagonist Ryuko Matoi, and the energetic character has certainly become a popular one among viewers. Cosplayer ottiemottie stunned fans with her very accurate recreation of the Mako’s outfit, capturing her bright energy.


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A post shared by Ott (@ottiemottie)

Her short brown bob cut and hazel eyes look great together, along with her sailor-style school-uniform that is very faithful to what is worn in the original show. The cosplay captured Mako perfectly, both in terms of costume and personality.

There have been so many fantastic cosplays in January that it’s hard to narrow it down to just five, and we’re sure that there’ll be plenty more incredible anime character recreations to come over the next month.