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Cosplayer recreates Critical Role’s Mighty Nein in TikTok Brush challenge

Published: 29/May/2020 5:48 Updated: 29/May/2020 7:14

by Theo Salaun


A cosplayer and Critical Role fan, Agent Barton, has gone ahead and parodied TikTok’s “Pass the Brush” challenge as six characters from the popular Dungeons & Dragons web series.

Replacing a brush with a D20, Agent Barton brings out six different Critical Role characters in a tight 30 seconds. Starting with five of the Mighty Nein, protagonists of Critical Role’s Campaign 2, Barton gets versatile as Mollymauk Tealeaf, Yasha Nydoorin, Caduceus Clay, Jester Lavorre and Caleb Widogast.

She then finishes as the infamous NPC and mother to Jester, Marion Lavorre—the Ruby of the Sea. 

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[self] Did my own version of the pass the brush challenge with Critical Role characters and my D20! from cosplay


While Barton explained on Reddit that Yasha is “the only one I have that would be considered finished,” you have to respect her ability to replicate such a diverse array of characters, even if some aren’t quite up to her standards yet.


Sure, Barton may have an affinity for Tieflings, as three of the characters she chose to emulate are of the human-based, planetouched variety: Tealeaf and each Lavorre family member. 

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She still rounds it out with impressive variety, recreating a Firbolg Cleric in Clay, an Aasimar Barbarian in Nydoorin and the classic Human Wizard in Widogast.


Despite dubbing most of these cosplays unfinished, they still withstand critique. Barton explained on Reddit that the horns used for her Tieflings were 3D-printed and that she bought the jacket for Tealeaf on Amazon before adding designs with fabric paint herself.

The horns, vibrant makeup and colorful wigs are all nice, but a special shout out needs to go to Barton’s Widogast. And not to the faux beard, wig and book—all important components of his look.


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The shout out needs to go to Barton’s subtle attention to detail, as she nails his most trademark feature: a tattered look befitting a self-loathing introvert. Instead of the eclectic colors needed for the makeup of Tealeaf or Lavorre, Widogast needs one particular note of makeup for the tired bags under his eyes.

One has to wonder if Barton intends on rounding out the rest of the Mighty Nein, as she has yet to don cosplays of the Human Monk, Beauregard Lionett, the Half-Orc Warlock, Fjord, or the Goblin Rogue, Nott the Brave. 

They may not have the horns she is so fond of, but we’ve already seen that she has the versatility to handle that.