Cosplayer shares mindbending take on Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Toph

Brent Koepp

A talented cosplayer showed off her take on the blind earth-bending master Toph from the hit Nickelodeon animation Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it’s mindblowing how accurate it is. 

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The Last Airbender first aired in 2005, and became a cultural phenomenon as its story about a monk named Aang who’s thrust into an adventure to bring balance to the world resonated with millions. 

An incredibly talented cosplayer showed off her costume for one of the most beloved characters on the show – Toph, a blind earth-bender who eventually goes on to become the protagonist’s teacher – and it’s amazing.

The earth-bending character was introduced in Season 2, and quickly became a fan favorite.
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The animation takes place in a world where people can “bend” the four elements water, earth, air, and fire, and the Avatar is the only one who can control all of them. However, due to the world being in turmoil, Aang has to find masters to train him

Cosplayer ‘Aara Lee‘ decided to take on his earth-bending master Toph, and absolutely brings the spitfire character to life as her recreation of the Earth Kingdom threads are so accurate, it’s as if the tough character smashed her way out of the screen.

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Not only does she faithfully portray her hairstyle and eyes, the artist nails her robes and undershirt, and even includes all the little details such as the character’s wrist and ankle cuffs.

Aara Lee also embodies the spirit of the character, who has a very “rough” personality, and loves to kick back and put her legs up. Hilariously, she recreated a scene where the earth-bender is lazing about on Aang’s flying pet ‘Appa’.

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The character ends up becoming one of the strongest earth-benders in the series, as she uses her bare feet to sense the ground due to her lack of sight, which allows her to bend the earth in unimaginable ways.

The cosplayer takes it to another level by perfectly recreating her style that is based on a real fighting stance called Southern Praying Mantis – which the artist accurately portrayed in a video on her Instagram. 

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While the show eventually ended in 2008 with an epic two-hour finale, the show’s legacy has endured, and is so popular that it got a sequel in 2012 called the Legend of Korra, which also became a smash hit.

Fans can also rejoice because in 2019, Netflix announced that they are bringing the popular show back to life with a live-action reboot in 2020, and have even enlisted the series creators’ to the project.