Cosplayer makes LoL’s Lunar Eclipse Leona look even better in real life

Instagram: A_Star_Guardian / Riot Games

A Croatian cosplayer has made a picture-perfect cosplay of Lunar Eclipse Leona that makes the legendary skin look even better in real life than it does in-game.

Leona is one of League of Legends’ most mystical champions. The Guardian of the Solari from Mount Targon defends her homeland from the withering creatures that spawn every time night falls.

Of course, it’s impossible to do such a job without the right equipment. Dripping in golden armor from head to toe and wielding an impossibly large sword and shield, she battles to make sure the sun rises the next day.

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While this lore and outfit makes her storyline rather epic in Runeterra, it’s a cosplayer’s worst nightmare. However, one League fan has created a perfect reenactment of the Radiant Dawn in all of her shining glory with an epic cosplay.

Riot GamesLunar Eclipse Leona is one of the most intricately designed skins in League.

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Instagram user ‘A_Star_Guardian’ showed off her Lunar Eclipse Leona cosplay on November 17, and it outshines anything else which came before it. 

The dark form of the Radiant Dawn is one of the most well designed skins in the game, with its intricately designed armor and ominous metallic hue.

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A_Star_Guardian managed to copy that in real life to make one of the best League of Legends cosplays we’ve ever seen.

The Croatian cosplayer crafted Leona’s shield and sword out of a mix of styrofoam and EVA Foam to get all of the details down pat, while the armor she adorned was forged meticulously with a mix of fabric and foam.

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The glow in the photos might look photoshopped, but A_Star_Guardian actually kitted out both the Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak with purple LEDs instead of paint to replicate the in-game look.

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She uploaded work-in-progress pictures to her Instagram highlights, showing the process of making the costume.

The meticulously designed cosplay was accepted with much praise on the League of Legends subreddit, reaching almost 10,000 upvotes within 24 hours. It also garnered over 1,000 likes on her personal Instagram.

Instagram: A_Star_GuardianA_Star_Guardian likes to cosplay League champions of all shapes and sizes.

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A_Star_Guardian has done plenty of League cosplays in the past, doing unique takes on characters from Star Guardian Soraka to Urgot. While she usually does headshots, she took the time to make a perfect costume fitting for a goddess with Lunar Eclipse Leona, and nailed it.

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While she hasn’t revealed her next project yet, if it’s of the same detail as this, it’s bound to be equally as amazing.

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