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Cosplayer goes viral with perfect Lara Croft outfit in TikTok trend

Published: 29/Aug/2020 17:48

by Georgina Smith


Cosplayer Masha Diduk has wowed Tomb Raider fans by posting a stunningly accurate recreation of Lara Croft, as part of a viral transformation TikTok trend.

Throughout August, TikTok users have gone crazy for a trend to the tune of an isolated vocal “molly rocks in my green tea” by vocalist and producer Young Skyda.

The trend involves throwing a shoe up in the air, and when it lands on their foot the video snap transitions into them in the same position, but with a completely transformed appearance. This of course has brought in lots participants from the cosplay world, to show off their intricate costume and makeup design.


One such participant is Masha Diduk, a model and influencer who has nearly 70,000 followers on TikTok, and almost 300,000 followers on her Instagram account.

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Please don’t let Halloween be cancelled ???

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She chose to join in the trend by recreating the iconic Lara Croft. Since Tomb Raider debuted in 1996, the athletic archeologist has amassed countless cosplay recreations.

@mashadidukI almost broke my toe doing this ?♬ Kismet – XIX

In her video, Masha managed to capture the perfect rugged simplicity of Lara’s character design, with a cropped halter top and leather cut-off shorts. This is paired with some thigh-high black boots to match Lara’s originals, and a belt clipped to her waist and thighs to hold her all-important weapons.


Her fans were absolutely loving it, one comment reading “this is 100000% the best Lara Croft I’ve ever seen.” Masha played off the support casually though, in a reply to a different comment saying “honestly this was stuff I had in my closet! I bought the gun leg holster two years ago when I originally wore this on Halloween.”

TikTok Commenter praises Lara Croft cosplay
TikTok: Masha Diduk
TikTok Commenter praises Lara Croft cosplay
Cosplayer replies to comment about Lara Croft cosplay
TikTok: Masha Diduk
Masha replies to a comment asking for help on finding the cosplay items

At the time of writing, the video has gained over 250,000 likes, and 2.5 million views, with clearly many people a fan of the uncanny Tomb Raider rendition. Certainly not a bad result for a two-year-old halloween costume.