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Chilling Nezuko Kamado cosplay will give Demon Slayer fans goosebumps

Published: 28/Dec/2019 21:30

by Brent Koepp


A talented cosplayer shared her true-to-life take on Demon Slayer’s Nezuko Kamado, transforming into the popular anime character with her stunning photography.

Demon Slayer became the breakout anime hit of 2019, as millions of viewers were riveted by the series’ dark story about a boy seeking to avenge his family after they are slaughtered by demons.

A popular cosplayer shared an insanely accurate take on Nezuko, bringing the cursed sister to the real world with a costume that’s sure to give fans goosebumps.

Ufotable / Aniplex of AmericaThe demon-turned sister is a popular character in the series.

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One of the more tragic elements of the show’s story is protagonist Tanjiro Kamada’s quest to cure his sister Nezuko from a curse that turned her into a demon.


Popular cosplayer ‘purrblind‘ recreated her with an incredibly detailed portrayal of the tragic character, as she mimicked the look with her pink and black patterned Kimono, and piercing eyes.

The talented artist teamed up with ‘chezphotocosplay‘ who perfectly captured the cosplayer as she posed as the cursed sister biting down on a bamboo gag as she tries to contain her demon urges.

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The talented cosplayer showed off more pictures of her collaboration on Instagram, as she posed as the character outside in the elements, which looks like a scene straight out of the anime.

Purrblind not only looks exactly how we would imagine a live action version of the character would be, she becomes the character with fierce posing of her hands, and an intense facial expression.


She has built up a huge audience on her social media, amassing over 44,800 followers who are drawn in by her detailed costumes of iconic anime and video game characters.

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While Demon Slayer originally debuted as a manga back in 2016, the dark series exploded in popularity this year with its anime adaptation by studio Ufotable.

The first season has finished its run, and can be watched in it entirety on anime streaming service Crunchyroll, as well as Hulu in the United States.