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Awesome Overwatch cosplayer stuns fans with Magical Girl D.Va

Published: 1/Apr/2020 1:56

by Bill Cooney


D.Va is one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes, and a new cosplay of the K-Pop star manages to make a skin that doesn’t even exist in-game look as if it were already part of her skin lineup.

As one of Overwatch’s original heroes, D.Va has been a popular pick for cosplayers since before the game even came out in 2016.

At this point in the game’s history, all of her existing skins have already been made into IRL costumes multiple times over. To stand out from these iterations, cosplayer Purin decided to show off a skin that’s not actually in the game: “Magical Girl” D.Va.


“Magical Girl” D.Va might be one of the most requested Overwatch skins that hasn’t made it to the game yet.

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The idea for a D.Va outfit with that Sailor Moon anime girl look seemed to spawn out of the collective consciousness of the Overwatch community, shortly after Mercy’s Pink breast cancer awareness skin was released in 2018.

Purin managed to bring the concept to life with an outfit that makes it look like Hana Song is the star of her own hit 90s anime.

Magical Girl D.Va, as we mentioned before, looks like a crossover with Mercy’s Pink skin – but there’s still enough blue in there to resemble her original bodysuit.

If D.Va were a Sailor Moon character, she’d probably look a lot like this.

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In Overwatch’s (very limited) lore, D.Va is a Mecha pilot for the South Korean military, who also moonlights as a K-Pop star and StarCraft pro.

We don’t know if D.Va herself is a huge anime fan based on the (very limited) Overwatch lore we have available, but her life as a giant robot-piloting singer and pro gamer means it’s not too far of a stretch.

The Venn diagram of D.Va players and Japanese animation enthusiasts is basically a circle anyways, so more anime-themed skins like Purin’s “Magical Girl” would surely be a hit.


D.Va fans would be more than happy to have this as an in-game skin.

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D.Va may not have gotten a new skin for the 2020 Archives event, which wraps up April 2, but there’s still Overwatch’s Anniversary celebration coming up, and a “Magical Girl” skin would fit right in with the event’s usual sort of cosmetics.