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Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer wows fans as perfect Toph Beifong

Published: 18/Jun/2020 23:56

by Brent Koepp


An Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer went viral with her true-to-life Toph Beifong costume. The artist’s insanely accurate portrayal of the sassy earthbender had fans of the animation going wild.

The Last Airbender made its groundbreaking debut on Nickelodeon back in 2005. Viewers from around the world were captivated with its story about a monk named Aang who, as the Avatar, can control the elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Popular cosplay artist ‘mk_ays‘ went viral when she shared her mind-blowing costume of popular character Toph Beifong. She looks so much like the earthbender, it’s almost as if the heroine has blasted her way out of the screen and into real life.

toph avatar the last airbender
Toph is blind and uses her feet to feel vibrations.

Cosplayer becomes real life Toph

The animated series follows Avatar Aang, who embarks on a quest to control his powers and bring balance to the world. In Book 2, a blind earthbender named Toph is introduced, who eventually becomes his earthbending master.

Cosplayer ‘mk_ays’ transformed herself into the popular heroine, and stunned fans with her faithful portrayal. The artist dressed up in the character’s costume from the introduction episode when she lives with her wealthy family at the Beifong estate.

Ays absolutely nailed the look, perfectly re-creating her black bun hairstyle, which includes bangs that frame her face. Posing in Toph’s fancy green and white kimono, she mirrors a scene from the show, while also capturing her blindness.

The cosplayer posted her work on Reddit, and went viral with over 44k upvotes at the time of writing. Avatar fans couldn’t stop gushing over her outfit, such as user ‘OtherGandalf’ who exclaimed, “You were meant to be Toph. The face is near perfect to the cartoon.” Another user, ‘Shockbooms,’ agreed, stating “It’s insane. Well done!”

reddit comments
Avatar fans were floored by how accurate the cosplay is.

This isn’t the first time the Russia-based artist has dressed up as an Avatar character. On June 11, she posted another true-to-life cosplay of Kyoshi warrior Suki, and has also portrayed Azula and Ty Lee.

Avatar: The Last Airbender has continued to grow in popularity over the years, as its epic story resonates with viewers. The show has seen an explosion of new fans after Netflix added it to their platform in April.

The streaming giant has plans to remake the series, bringing Aang’s story to life in the form of a live-action drama. For everything we know so far about the project, check out our guide here.


My Hero Academia cosplayer controls All For One as perfect Nana Shimura

Published: 27/Nov/2020 1:39

by Brent Koepp


A My Hero Academia cosplayer made shockwaves on Instagram with her Nana Shimura costume. The artist’s stunning portrayal of All Might’s mentor will leave fans in awe.

My Hero Academia has transcended its initial anime debut in 2016, and is now one of the most popular franchises ever. Viewers from around the world have fallen in love with its unique take on superheroes.

A talented cosplayer made waves on social media when she shared her stunning true-to-life take on Nana Shimura. The artist looks so much like the character, it’s almost as if the heroine has punched her way out of the screen.

Screenshot of My Hero Academia character Nana Shimura.
Bones / Crunchyroll
The epic hero was All Might’s original mentor.

My Hero Academia brings All For One to life as Nana Shimura

While readers of the manga have long known about the character, Shimura made her first technical appearance in Season 2 of the anime as a silhouette. Viewers got their first true look at All Might’s mentor in the third arc.

Prolific cosplayer ‘penberly’ went viral on Instagram after truly bringing the character to life with her insanely accurate costume. Photographer ‘maze_studio’ captured the artist posing in the heroine’s signature black bodysuit.

The cosplayer’s white cape drapes over her shoulders while she recreates the heroine’s signature battle stance with her fists in the air. Penberly nailed every aspect of the protagonist’s outfit, from her massive yellow gloves to the gold chain that runs across her chest to connect each side of the cloak.


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In another shot, taken by ‘liv_rota’ this time, the popular artist gave viewers a full look at her detailed costume. In the story, one of Shimura’s signature accessories is her giant angled belt buckle and red mini cape that wraps around her waist – which the cosplayer mirrored effortlessly.


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My Hero Academia originally made its debut as a manga in 2014. However, its anime adaptation by Studio Bones a couple years later turned it into a worldwide phenomena.

Those who have not yet seen the hit series can watch every single episode right now on popular streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.