Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer scorches her enemies as Princess Azula

Brent Koepp. Last updated: Dec 29, 2020
Screenshot of Avatar: The Last Airbender villain Azula next to cosplayer.
Nickelodeon / Instagram: @ally_vyner_cosplay, @eclectic_cohesion

An Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer went viral on Instagram after transforming into the show’s fiery villain Princess Azula.

Despite releasing in 2005, The Last Airbender has continued to be one of the most influential animations of all time. In 2020, the Nickelodeon series had a major revival in popularity after Netflix added it to its service in April.

Celebrating the groundbreaking show, a talented cosplayer shared her mind-blowing transformation into antagonist Princess Azula. The artist’s stunning true-to-life take on the character will have Avatar fans feeling the heat.

Screenshot of Avatar: The Last Airbender villain Azula burning volleyball net in Season 3.
Nickelodeon / Netflix
The Fire Nation royalty is one of the most popular characters in the 2005 animation.

Avatar cosplayer brings Azula to life

First introduced at the end of Season 1, Princess Azula quickly becomes one of the show’s most formidable characters. Despite her wicked personality, fans can’t get enough of the Fire Nation royalty’s savage attitude and incredible firebending power.

Cosplayer Ally Vyner made waves on Instagram when she brought the beloved villain to life with her insanely accurate costume. Photographer ‘eclectic_cohesion’ captured the artist recreating Azula’s firebending stance from Avatar’s series finale.

The prop maker showed off the incredibly detailed outfit while perfectly mirroring the villain’s fighting pose taken from her Agni Kai against Zuko. Not only does Ally look like the popular antagonist, she manages to mimic her movements, truly bringing her to life.

In another shot posted to social media, the cosplayer depicted a scene from the series when the princess shoots lighting from her fingers. Ally absolutely nailed Azula’s Fire Nation royal attire, which includes black and gold trimmed armor that sits over her red outfit underneath.

The Last Airbender celebrated its 15th anniversary this year and to celebrate, Nickelodeon re-released the entire series in HD. The show, however, found renewed mainstream success back in April after Netflix added seasons 1-3 to its platform.

Those in love with the franchise are in luck as the streaming service also has its sequel, The Legend of Korra, available right now. The spinoff story follows the next Avatar and takes place 100 years after Aang’s story.