Apex Legends cosplayers stun PAX East as Revenant, Wattson, & Crypto

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PAX East is in full swing, and with it have come a horde of super-talented cosplayers — three of whom have taken on the impressive guises of Apex Legends’ very own Crypto, Wattson and newcomer Revenant.

Throwing down in Boston, MA, PAX East brings together the best of the East Coast’s gaming community for a fun-filled weekend with multiple events, panels, exhibitions, and more.

Like any gaming or anime convention, cosplayers are bound to appear — and while plenty of franchises have gotten love from costumers so far, three Apex Legends fans stole the show with their takes on some of the game’s newest additions.

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PAX East 2020 is upon us, bringing cosplayers from the East Coast together to celebrate their favorite games.

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The official Apex Legends Twitter account showed off these impressive costumes in a series of photos on February 29, featuring a scarily accurate rendition of Revenant, the electrifying Wattson, and Surveillance Expert Crypto.

Considering his most recent appearance in the free-to-play FPS, Revenant truly steals the spotlight, having stormed his way into the game after heavy speculation that Forge would be the next Legend.

Apex Legends, Twitter
This Revenant cosplayer truly manages to embody the character’s deadly countenance.

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This cosplayer truly captures the assassin’s deadly, robotic movements in these still images, complete with LED lights in his face mask to pull the entire look together. Watch out — one wrong move and Hammond Robotics’ new toy could be coming for you!

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Apex Legends, Twitter
Revenant truly comes to life in this shocking cosplay, even featuring an LED display in his facemask.

Also pictured in the group is Static Defender Wattson, who was introduced in Season 2. Coming complete with her unique facial scar, orange parka, and special electronic equipment, this cosplayer truly embodies the character, who also turned heads at PAX West in 2019.

Apex Legends, Twitter
Revenant, Wattson, and Crypto come to life thanks to three talented cosplayers at PAX East.

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Finally, a third cosplayer enters the fray as Season 3’s Crypto, posing alongside his fellow Legends in their group photo. It’s not just the costumer’s outfit that seals the deal: instead, it’s his serious pose and unamused expression, keeping constant with his personality as seen in his very own character trailer and “Meltdown” spot.

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While some of Apex Legends’ most popular cosplays come from characters like Wraith and Lifeline, fans have to admit that this deadly trio mark some of the best cosplay from the game we’ve ever seen.