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Animal Crossing cosplayer transforms into Isabelle with adorable outfit

Published: 21/Feb/2020 22:48 Updated: 28/Mar/2020 17:53

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A skilled cosplayer has taken Isabelle from the Animal Crossing series and transformed her into a real-life work of art that is so cute, it’ll make you want New Horizons even more.

Isabelle was first introduced in New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS as a secretary and assistant to the mayor (AKA you!) and quickly became one of the series’ most loved characters due to her clumsy, yet adorable personality.

Cosplayer Shan decided to bring the lovable pooch to life with an adorable take that’s so accurate, it looks as though she’s jumped right out of the console screen itself.


Isabelle is so cute!

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Adorable Isabelle cosplay

In the games, Isabelle has two outfits: summer and winter. While her winter attire is more suited to the cold weather with a yellow jacket, she wears a green plaid shirt with a navy blue knee-length skirt in the warmer months. The cosplayer pulls this off perfectly in her take, and even includes the little red bow placed on the collar.

The pooch also wears a hint of red in her hair, which, in a shock to some, was revealed to actually be styled after a Bell bag which is the main currency in the Nintendo series. The money bag is tied up with a red ribbon – something that designers mimicked when creating her.


In the shot, Shan ties her Animal Crossing look together by posing with a bag of Bells, making the game-to-life re-creation complete with perfect accuracy.

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In an earlier photograph shared to Instagram, the cosplayer shares a more detailed glimpse at her design. Using circles of blush on her cheeks and nose to look more animal-like, the England-based artist poses innocently as she looks away from the camera.

Isabelle’s ears are also given a closer look, which are blended seamlessly in a blonde, curly wig with perfectly parted bangs that frame her face. It’s hard to imagine what the assistant would look like were she actually real, but it probably wouldn’t be far off from this.


The adorable dog isn’t the only Animal Crossing character Shan has cosplayed as in the past – she’s also dressed up as the cranky and very grumpy mole Resetti, who is infamous for showing up in-game and scaring kids when they turn off their console without saving.

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