McFarlane Toys finally reveals classic Superman figure everyone has been waiting for

Christopher Baggett
DC Classic Superman from McFarlane toysMcFarlane Toys

Fans eager for the perfect classic Superman figure are in luck, as McFarlane Toys finally revealed its best Superman figure to date. 

While the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line is full of Batman figures, there’s no shortage of Superman figures, either. The problem is there’s not really a good Superman figure.

There have been more than a few tries, but fans have still been longing for the perfect Superman, especially as McFarlane Toys releases more and more classically styled figures. 

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The wait may finally be over, though. McFarlane finally revealed its Classic Superman figure, and it may check every box. 

McFarlane Toys finally reveals its DC Multiverse Classic Superman

Announced via the McFarlane Toys Twitter and Instagram, the Classic Superman is pretty damn close to perfect.

The body appears to reuse the popular Page Punchers Superman, but with more appropriately scaled hands. The head is a beautiful face sculpt, complete with a Superman-appropriate smile and spit curl. 

But the paint job may be what appeals to long-time fans the most. It’s the classic Superman everyone knows and loves, with vibrant blues and reds. Capping off the figure is a vibrant, sculpted S-shield across the chest.

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The release is a breath of fresh air for collectors frustrated by less-than-perfect Superman figures depicting the classic look. The original Page Punchers release might have been the closest, but its dark color scheme and giant hands turned off collectors. 

Other releases have had weird quirks like the ‘90s mullet Superman that reused the bulky Dark Knight Returns Superman body or the Superman & Ultraman two-pack, which promised a smiling head but gave fans something akin to Shrek. 

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Superman is the latest DC superhero to get the classic treatment. A ’90s-flavored Batman based on his appearance in Knightfall was one of the hottest DC Multiverse figures over the summer, while a long-awaited classic Wonder Woman is available for pre-order now and expected to release wide in December. 

McFarlane Toys DC Classic Superman will be available for pre-order on December 8th. For more DC Comics and McFarlane Toys news, be sure to keep it locked to Dexerto

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