YouTubers Tavarish and Savage Garage hint at buying $1m+ Bugattis

Stradman and TavarishYouTube: Tavarish / TheStradman

With TheStradman taking delivery of his long-awaited first hypercar in the form of a Bugatti Veyron, it seems that other YouTubers are following in his footsteps; Will the incredible Veyron become the next ‘flex’ car for automotive YouTubers?

Supercars such as the Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan were once the stuff of dreams for automotive YouTubers. With plenty of bolt-on modifications, instant recognition, and ‘baller’ status, they were ideal for showcasing that a channel had ‘made it’ in the automotive sphere.

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However, now that so many channels have gone through the process of owning, modifying, and ultimately selling their Lamborghinis, there needs to be another ‘flex’ car to show a level of achievement.

Are more YouTubers buying Bugatti Veyrons?

A number of channels – including TheStradman himself – have built crazy twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardos, but it seems even these custom-built supercars no longer cut it.

Following the reveal of his own 2008 Bugatti Veyron, TheStradman seems to be attracting a number of other automotive YouTubers on his Instagram page, who allude to their own Bugatti-themed purchases.

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YouTuber Tavarish started the rumor mill by commenting on Stradman’s delivery video “Welcome to the club… wait” and has then taken the rumors up a gear by commenting on Stradman’s Instagram post: “We should race!”

Tavarish isn’t the only YouTuber to be hinting at the purchase of a Bugatti hypercar. Savage Garage has also added fuel to the hypercar fire, having simply posted a picture of the Bugatti logo on their Instagram with the caption “trinity”.

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Trinity #savagegarage

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Will we see a ‘trinity’ of Bugatti Veyrons?

Whether this is their way of hinting that there will be a YouTuber ‘trinity’ of Veyrons is unclear, but if both Tavarish and Savage garage follow through with their purchases then it would indeed be a trinity situation.

SG also seems to suggest it is indeed a Veyron that they are purchasing, commenting on Stradman’s Instagram post “Let’s twin soon.” Does this suggest not only the purchase of a Veyron but perhaps even one in a matching specification to Stradman’s?

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Given the price of these incredible 1001hp hypercars rests around the $1m mark, they represent a big investment for a YouTuber, and certainly have a degree of ‘flex’ surrounding them.

Hopefully, for those that have purchased them, they go back up in value due to their status and rarity – so long as they don’t get too extensively modified.

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