YouTuber WhistlinDiesel slams TheStradman’s response to ‘childish’ drama

WD x StradmanYouTube: WhistlinDiesel/TheStradman

Following the purchase of his Audi R8, YouTuber WhistlinDiesel is now a self-confessed ‘car guy’ but it seems his dislike of the car community hasn’t lessened, as fellow YouTube TheStradman found out the hard way.

YouTuber ‘beef’ is nothing new, and WhistlinDiesel and TheStradman have a prior history of this, having traded blows over Instagram back in August.

While many thought that their brief ‘spat’ would be the end of the drama, WD was keen to re-ignite this drama on Instagram, having posted what some would deem a ‘childish’ reply to one of TheStradman’s posts.

Responding to a post asking his followers what color his Bugatti Veyron should be wrapped, WD replied to Stradman saying: “if you wrap your Bugatti grape purple like everything else I’m going to dig my eyes out with spoons.”

Whistlindiesel Stradman Instagram BeefInstagram: @whistlindiesel
TheStradman was quick to block WhistlinDiesel for his comment about his Bugatti Veyron wrap.

Trying to start a flame war?

Since the pair have previously had issues, it seems that Stradman was in no rush to start any further beef, and simply blocked WhistlinDiesel’s account. Unfortunately for Strad, it seems that this wasn’t enough to solve the issue, and may have even made things worse.

With WD having over 700k Instagram followers, some of them took it upon themselves to ‘spam’ Stradman with copies of WD’s original comment on his posts. Whether they were looking to incite a ‘flame war’ or simply wind up Stradman is unclear, but he did respond to them.

Evidently riled by WD’s behavior, Stradman replied saying “I don’t need him hating on my posts to garner attention for himself.” With Strad having previously stated that WD “destroyed cars for views,” this isn’t the first time he has been called out for using controversial tactics to raise attention.

Despite trying to sell himself as a ‘car guy’ WhistlinDiesel seems intent on keeping ‘truck’ and ‘car’ guys at war with each other. In his post allegedly meant to be an apology to Stradman, he calls the car community “not as hardened as the truck community” since they were so quick to react to his words.

“In the end, you’ll all be chill with it”

It also appears that WD has no plans to back down from being controversial or confrontational, calling himself “the Alex Choi from hell” and saying “this is going to take some time [getting used to WD in the car community] but in the end, you’ll all be chill with it.”

With many people including YouTuber Life of Palos calling out WD for his initial comment, we may not have heard the last of the WhistlinDiesel vs TheStradman drama.