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YouTuber TJHunt unveils new custom exhaust for Corvette C8

Published: 14/Mar/2020 17:33 Updated: 14/Mar/2020 17:37

by Connor Bennett


Popular cars YouTuber TJ Hunt has revealed his brand-new custom exhaust for his Corvette C8 and the upgrade makes his car sound a whole lot meaner when it revs up.

Like other YouTubers who base their content around their cars, TJ Hunt has a collection of cars that he regularly showcases, reviews, and even mods for his viewers. The American has close to 1.7m subscribers and regularly attracts close to one million viewers to his almost daily uploads. 

In his newest video, the popular YouTuber revealed the finished custom exhaust that he had been working on getting for his Chevrolet Corvette C8 and though it might not be the biggest change you can make to a car, it does make his Corvette sound pretty mean when it is cruising the streets.


YouTube: TJ Hunt
The YouTube was behind the wheel of his Corvette not long after getting the new exhaust fitted.

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TJ noted that he had been working with MagnaFlow on the project and that it was finally set to be put on to his car so that he could get back behind the wheel and take it home. 

What he claimed to be the world’s first custom exhaust for C8 was pretty different to what was added as stock. The stock exhaust, the YouTuber noted, did a “really good job” of keeping the sound dampened because of the system that was in place but a custom one could really take things up a notch. 

As he had the exhaust fitted and his bumper put back together, Hunt watched as his car was revved up and produced a hellacious noise from the new exhaust – though it wasn’t going to ruin anyone’s hearing all that much as it quickly quietened down when the engine wasn’t being revved. 


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After having it tested for any rattles and potential further tweaks, the YouTuber finally got to take it out of the garage and take it for a spin on the road – where he claimed his car felt “much more alive on the inside.” 

TJ took for a further spin and gave some other thoughts on the changes, adding that it helped reduce noise inside the car and allowed his vehicle to sound “phenomenal.”

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Of course, while he and his viewers might be fans of the changes, he’ll have to wait and see if anyone else comments on the car from further afield once the exhaust goes into production. 


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