YouTuber TGE reveals “richest” and rarest Bentley ever made

YouTube: TGE TV

Popular car YouTuber TGE TV has revealed perhaps the most expensive and rarest Bentley ever in the form of the Bentley Continental GT Series 9 edition – which has parts made from actual gold. 

Car YouTubers from around the world can be found making content on the vehicles that they own, or following the pattern of reviews that you might find on a show like Top Gear or The Grand Tour. 

These reviews might come from renting a car for a few days and pushing them to their limits, or being lucky enough to know someone who has the hookup and can get you behind the wheel of something special. Well, for TGE TV, he was lucky enough to drive the “richest” Bentley on the road.

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YouTube: TGE
The Bentley was released to celebrate the companies 100th year of producing cars.

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The Bentley in question is the Continental GT Series 9 edition, of which there were only 100 ever made. The car is based on the iconic Bentley Blower that captured victory at Le Mans in 1930 and celebrates the companies centenary year. 

With it being an anniversary celebrating car, the British manufacturers made it pretty special – with parts being made out of Carbon fiber, trimmings made of 18 Carat gold, Swarovski crystals in the headlights, and even logos from the original racing car. 

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Thanks to his pal Dean, TGE managed to drive the convertible version – of which there are only 17 of them in the world. Though it might be the “richest” car around, the price tag isn’t as eye-watering as say a McLaren P1 or Bugatti Chiron – but it is still valued at around £260,000.

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After taking it for a drive, the YouTuber was astounded by how impressive it was. “I get told off for using this word a lot on the channel but thing is cash. There’s no other way to describe it. It is the richest thing on the road pretty much. There’s something about it, it is just cash,” he said. 

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However, TGE probably isn’t going to be buying it from his friend anytime soon, as he accepted that video was probably the only time he’ll ever get to drive one. Though, that’s more than can be said for a lot of other Bentley enthusiasts.

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