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Whistlindiesel hits back again at Stradman following ‘harsh’ comments

Published: 16/Sep/2020 16:43

by Kieran Bicknell


As one of the biggest ‘beefs’ to come out of the YouTube car community in 2020, the drama between WhistlinDiesel and TheStradman came to a head after Stradman blocked WD on Instagram. Now, WD has addressed the reasons behind the drama.

When two high-profile YouTube creators clash, it becomes a very public competition of who gets the better remarks or can cause the most drama.

In this instance, two of the biggest names in automotive YouTube have been at loggerheads: TheStradman from the ‘supercar community’ and WhistlinDiesel from the ‘truck community.’ With two contrasting styles, the pair have been publicly trading blows on-and-off for a few months.

Since TheStradman blocked WD on Instagram, WD has spoken out about the situation. Having called the car community “not as hard as the truck community” WhistlinDiesel – real name Cody – has tried to make lighthearted humor out of the strange situation.

WhistlinDiesel on truck
Instagram: @whistlindiesel
Truck YouTuber WhistlinDiesel has been the source of controversial drama with TheStradman

“Coarse Humor”

Having made several “coarse humor” comments on TheStradmans posts, Cody has now played it down saying it was just that – a joke in bad taste.

With both sets of fans continuing the drama on WD and Stradman’s behalf, Cody has seemingly tried to put a stop to it once and for all.

Unfortunately, the attempted apology appears to have lasted for a very short amount of time, having posted a screenshot from Life of Palos, with a caption saying “HATING PURPLE CARS IS NOT A VICTIMLESS CRIME JIM MILLIONS OF INFLUENCERS SUFFER EVERY YEAR.”

While it may just be a light-hearted dig and reference to hit show The Office, it’s comments such as this that caused the drama in the first place.

WhistlinDiesel’s jokes have backfired

It may simply come down to the way that Stradman has interpreted Cody’s humor. On fellow YouTuber StreetSpeed717’s Instagram, Cody can be seen commenting tongue-in-cheek replies to his photos, showing off his dark and sometimes controversial sense of humor.

Despite WD’s jokes being clearly a sore point for Stradman, it would appear that this ‘coarse’ humor wasn’t directed solely at TheStradman. Clearly there has been no serious apology, so Cody doesn’t seem to feel any remorse or regret his actions.

That being said, harsh humor can go one way or the other, and it appears by using it on someone he doesn’t actually know in real life, it got Cody way more attention than he planned. Unfortunately, though, it was the wrong kind of attention.


SSC accused of faking 331mph speed record revealed on Top Gear

Published: 27/Oct/2020 11:53

by Kieran Bicknell


With the automotive world rocked by the SSC Tuatara’s record-breaking run during October 2020, YouTuber Shmee 150 has raised a number of doubts about the credibility of their record.

Land speed records are nothing new – ever since the dawn of the motor car, drivers have been competing to go faster and faster in an all-out race to beat each other’s top speeds.

With competitors Bugatti having set the previous production car speed record of 304.77mph in a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, SSC has now obliterated their record… or have they?

SSC tuatara speed run
The SSC Tuatara is the record holder for the world’s fastest production car, but many have pointed out there are issues with the footage.

Top Gear announces SSC Tuatara speed record

When BBC’s Top Gear announced the breaking news that the SSC Tuatara had broken the production car speed records, the automotive world went into pandemonium. To break any speed record is an incredible achievement, but to do so by such a massive margin is almost unheard of.

The record attempt itself was also unusual in that it was carried out on a stretch of public road. A closed-off section of dead-straight road near Las Vegas provided the setting, totaling seven miles long.

Unfortunately for SSC and potentially for Top Gear, a number of popular online personalities and journalists have now called out SSC, claiming that the record is “fake.”

SSC World Record run controversy

YouTuber Shmee150 has been one such journalist, and put out a very convincing video debunking the record attempt on October 26.

The first major issue that he identified is that the tires on the Tuatara were allegedly ‘stock’ tires. Since they were not made specifically for the record attempt (to the best of his knowledge) they would’ve been rated for a significantly lower speed than 300+ mph.

Shmee then goes further to discuss the timings between set points on the route. By calculating the distance covered and the time it took for the Tuatara to cover that distance, he was able to work out a rough average speed.

SSC Footage slowed down?

Unfortunately, the speed between the first and second point that he highlighted is significantly different to that shown by the on-board footage that Top Gear released. According to his calculations, either the onboard footage was slowed down “by around 30%” for some reason, or the figures shown are totally wrong.

He also points out that the dashboard was obscured in the first-person view footage, despite the fact the reading should’ve mirrored that of the telemetry. As Shmee points out, the car is always going faster than the calculated average speed, which is a “mathematical impossibility.. you can’t dispute [it].”

By Shmee’s calculations, the Tuatara only reached a peak speed of “around 280 miles an hour”. Given that the original video was a Top Gear exclusive, it will be interesting to see how this situation develops.