TheStradman reveals the “craziest” car mod for 2020 Toyota Supra

the stradman supra car modsTheStradman: YouTube

Car YouTuber TheStradman showed off his “craziest” car mod yet for his 2020 Toyota Supra.

The Utah-based YouTuber was extremely excited to show off his new mod for his Supra, but he certainly went a bit far by calling it something “no one expected.”

It’s no surprise Stradman is a big fan of the color purple, so when he revealed he was getting custom seats of that color for his Supra, fans could see it coming from a mile away.

YouTube: TheStradman
As you can tell, he really likes the color purple.

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The seats, which he tore open inside his house with a giant smile on his face, were embroidered with his name and he said this is actually the best thing he’s ever shown off on his channel.

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“We have done some epic stuff on the channel,” he said. “I think this right here might be the most epic customized thing.”

(Quote begins at 3:15)

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He revealed that there’s even an image of his dog on the sides, albeit a lot less noticeable than his name.

The seats themselves are super lightweight, which, in the grand scheme of things, will only really help out in the installation process.

Although they don’t exactly match the interior of his Supra, he says that they will help set the car apart from others.

Instagram: thestradmanTheStradman - YouTube
TheStradman has quite the collection of cars.

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Unfortunately for fans, they don’t get to actually see him install them in the video, so they will have to wait for one in the future to see how it can be done.

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You can rest assured that he’ll definitely be showing viewers what the chairs look like in his ride considering how excited he about the customization.

thestradman rolls royce limoTheStradman - YouTube
A Rolls-Royce limo is the newest addition to his collection.

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It’s nice to see something go right for Stradman considering his video just before this one was him calling out a vandal who stood on the roof of his Lamborghini and leaving minor scratches behind.

He decided not to press any charges, but who knows if the same would be said to anybody who decides to mess with his new custom seats.