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The Fast Lane Car YouTubers explain why Tesla Model Y will “flop”

Published: 18/Mar/2020 15:11

by Jacob Hale


The Fast Lane Car YouTubers are never afraid to put their opinions out there, and in an episode of their series “No, You’re Wrong!” the duo has explained why they think the Tesla Model Y is going to “flop.”

In prior episodes, they’ve argued for and against self-driving technology, lifting Subarus and the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, and now they’ve focused in on Elon Musk’s upcoming, highly anticipated electric car, the Tesla Model Y.

The Model Y is set to join the Model X, Model 3 and Model S in Tesla’s revolutionary line of electric vehicles, but not everybody is convinced by its ability to make sales like the other models have.


The Fast Lane Car
The Fast Lane Car have experience with all manner of cars, so their opinion is worth listening to.

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That’s where The Fast Lane Car focus their discussion, with Nathan and Andre arguing the pros and cons of the Tesla Model Y – with an overarching narrative that seems to suggest the car is destined to fail.

“It’s a Model 3 with a high roof,” Nathan says, clearly believing that it doesn’t do enough to separate itself from other Tesla models – or indeed, other manufacturer’s vehicles.

“There’s one really important thing that I think is going to fly in its face,” he continues, saying that the Mustang Mach-E may be a huge competitor to the Model Y, while Andre adds that the Toyota RAV4 hybrid offers a much more affordable alternative to the Tesla.


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While Nathan agrees that it’s a well-made vehicle, he believes that in buying it you’re getting a car that “really is basically a Model 3.”

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He goes on to say that, in his opinion, the car is just a “rich toy” and they “haven’t yet dropped to the point where it can be affordable for everybody.”

So, while the Tesla Model Y is bound to see a fair few sales in its opening months, The Fast Lane Car believes it’s not quite destined for glory.