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TGE TV reveals how much his 2020 Mercedes AMG GT costs a month

Published: 27/Jan/2020 15:02 Updated: 6/Feb/2020 12:44

by David Purcell


Just thinking about the cost of owning a 2020 Mercedes AMG GT might be enough to make some buyers not even look into it, but YouTuber Thomas George has revealed an insane VIP deal that the manufacturer is offering and it’s insane how cheap he got one for. 

The popular internet personality juggles life between investment banking and making content for his loyal fanbase, with over 190,000 people subscribed to his YouTube channel called TGE TV.

While previous uploads have included closer looks at his companies and supercars, the co-founder of muscle and fitness brand LDNM decided to focus solely on the AMG GT during a video on January 27 – revealing the astonishingly low deals some people are managing to get the cars for.


TGE TV showcases Mercedes AMG GT
TGE TV, YouTube
Here’s the car Tom is driving, the Mercedes AMG GT, for an incredibly low monthly price.
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Now, Tom was very clear right from the outset. These deals he is talking about in the video are not ones that you can drive down to your local Mercedes dealership and haggle for – not at all. They are, instead, exclusively offered to influencers and VIPs.

Per the deal that he’s talking about, he is able to drive the car for an unbelievably low monthly fee. Later in the video, though, Tom said that the AMG GT has made such an impression on him, he would even consider buying one without a discounted price.

“You’ve got to qualify for it [the deal] and there are obligations on my end to achieve this deal,” he explains, before revealing that the car costs just £699 per month. “Which sounds a lot, but it’s actually not for what this is,” his co-host added.


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By contrast, a 2019 version of the AMG GT would cost around £1,700 per month, according to buyacar. Included in the VIP deal, however, are some other details that he decided to highlight for viewers.

Tom added: “So there’s a 10,000 miles a year limit on the finance down. At the end of the 12-month term I will just hand the car back. The list price of the car was £121,000 and with the kind of deal I could discount, contributions and all of the rest of it, it works out about £88,000,” meaning that people taking up this deal are saving over £30,000 as a result.


While he could probably sell the vehicle for more than the money he’s invested into it, the businessman confirmed that he does intend to hand the car back after the 12 months – all made possible due to an unbelievable deal not everybody will know about.