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TGE explains why he canceled his Mercedes A45S order

Published: 23/Mar/2020 12:52

by Jacob Hale


The Mercedes A45S is clearly a beautiful car – but YouTuber Thomas ‘TGE TV’ Exton has revealed that he’s made the decision to cancel his order on the German vehicle.

While taking a ride with race car driver Archie Hamilton in his edition of the A45S, TGE frequently mentioned how beautiful the car was, and Hamilton reiterated that it’s a really nice drive, especially as a daily if you’re looking for something to use on a regular basis.

That makes it all the more bizarre that TGE would decide to cancel his order, but he explained the exact reason in his March 21 YouTube video.


Instagram: tge_ldnm
TGE already has some fantastic daily drivers – but has decided to cancel one he planned to add to the collection.

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After being asked why he canceled by Hamilton, TGE said “Well, you said you wanted one, and I bolted myself up with various orders,” implying that he’s already got a few cars on the way and been a bit generous with his bank account.

He also said that he’s got a new Mini GP3 on the way and that it “makes no sense to have two fairly track-focused hot hatches coming,” presumably making the decision to hold on to the Mini – which he’s had on order for two years – instead of the Mercedes.

Archie says that his reasoning makes sense, especially if he’s got too many cars on order anyway which, for most, is quite a luxury reason for not buying another car.


(Timestamp: 13:21 for mobile viewers)

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Not many people would opt for a Mini over a Mercedes, but given the circumstances and the fact that he’s had the Mini on order for so long, TGE can’t be blamed for wanting to finally get his hands on it.

Needless to say, if he decides that he’s better off with the A45S over a Mini GP3, he’ll make the switch, but it seems he’s content with his decision, especially as the Mini works out a fair bit cheaper than the Merc.

The Mini costs around $45,000, while the Mercedes is closer to $60,000, so Exton may actually be making the best play here – though, it’ll be a shame not to see him showing off each.