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Shmee150 shows off “most lavish” Rolls-Royce ever made

Published: 10/Mar/2020 20:43

by Alan Bernal


YouTuber ‘Shmee150’ shared a first look at the Mansory Coastline and Rolls-Royce collaboration, which converted a Cullinan into a luxury SUV that takes comfort and power to a new level.

The extremely exclusive vehicle has a limited run of only eight cars total. Typically, the RR Cullinan will go for over $300,000 (about €265,000), but Mansory upped the ante by making the lavish vehicle truly remarkable with their ‘Coachline’ upgrade package.

Both the elegant comfort and subtle power of the Cullinan was injected with nautical-themed improvements that dive deeper into the specs, rather than just the vibrant makeover seen on the interior’s design.


Shmee150 YouTube
The Cullinan is a luxurious Rolls-Royce SUV, but Mansory gave it a sporty upgrade.

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Shmee150 was absolutely floored while giving the SUV a brief test drive. Even though the custom kit gives the car 40 horsepower (hp) more than the baseline model, the YouTuber had a pristine experience in his brief test run.

“It feels a bit like being in a peaceful boat out on a still lake,” he said. “Gently sailing through and, of course, that is the idea of the ‘Coastline.’ And then you put your foot down…”

That’s when Shmee encouraged the Mansory Coastline Cullinan to show off some of the power that lets the SUV go from 0-100km (0-60 miles per hour) in five seconds.


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The loud V12 engine packs 610hp that can take the vehicle to a top speed of 280 kilometers per hour (about 174 miles per hour).

But like any Rolls-Royce, the experience of just sitting in the car needs to captivate the driver just as much as revving the engine down the motorway.

It’s the details laced throughout the Mansory conversion that betray its outwardly bold appearance.

Shmee150 YouTube
The details in the Mansory Coastline Rolls-Royce Cullinan go as far as putting LEDs into the upholstery.

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The body is painted in Ocean Blue and Secret Silver details, but it has a bright turquoise interior. It’s almost like looking at a calm ocean surface in the morning haze, but poking your head underwater reveals the bright and lively environment that lies beneath sea level.


Mansory had fun with that theme, as seen in the waves throughout the interior (even etched in the carbon fiber detailing), as well as the illuminated headliner upholstery that gives it a “coastal type illumination.”

The Mansory Coastline Rolls-Royce Cullinan is an ode to the coasts which thoroughly impressed Shmee150 with its masterclass design, incredible power, and luxurious ride.